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Is It Time To Trade In Our Daily Affirmations?

While this episode might not exactly feel like snuggling into a Barefoot Dreams blanket with a hot cup of chai…, my friend, are still in for a feel-good episode….technically speaking. ;) 

Today, I’m sitting down with the leading voice in the personal development and transformational space, Mel Robbins, to talk about anxiety and entrepreneurship.

And we’re getting real. Like, super real. 

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’m very open about my longtime battle with anxiety and depression -- and I found a kindred spirit in Mel.

YES, Mel’s considered a thought-leader in the personal development industry. 

YES, she’s an international bestselling author, TedX talk celebrity, and creator of the wildly popular “five second rule.” 

But what you might not know about this larger-than-life figure is that Mel lived with anxiety, panic attacks, and untreated childhood trauma for 35 years. 

Mel’s unique vantage point of battling some major mental hurdles while working hard to build a successful business is something any entrepreneur who struggles with anxiety or depression can relate to. 

(Myself included.)

And it’s from that place that she’s sitting down with me today to share some of the most powerful, science backed techniques that you and I, dear listener, can use in our personal and professional life to find our grounding and nip self-doubt in the bud, including:

  • One habit more powerful than all your other habits
  • Why positive self talk is a bunch of bologna (and the science that agrees)
  • Why mantras don’t work alone

PLUS one piece of homework for you that will turn an anxious day around (and won’t take you more than 30 seconds.) 

To the entrepreneur struggling with anxious thoughts, I hope this episode encourages you, equips you, and makes you feel WAY less alone.

Be kind to’re doing hard and brave things.

And know that I’m cheering you on every step of the way!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [05:14] Mel’s on a mission to save everyone else the heartache and headaches that she caused herself for 40 plus years. 
  • [07:43] Through our own actions and attitudes we can have a positive impact on any problem or obstacle we face. We have the ability to figure it out. 
  • [11:37] When you feel overwhelmed and hit a wall, there's a moment when you feel like giving up. Raise your hand and high-five yourself. It's neurologically impossible to criticize yourself when you are high-fiving yourself -- it actually creates positive programming in your brain.
  • [22:47] Empower, support, and embrace yourself throughout the day. Having habits that celebrate you will increase your success. Set an intention and seal it with a high-five as you begin each day.
  • [39:06] Mel shares how her first three courses were a flop. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to put stuff out there. You won't know what is going to work until you get feedback. 
  • [47:30] The High 5 Challenge is an attempt for Mel to get 5 million people to wake up 5 days in a row and start their day with a high five in the mirror. 
  • [51:37] Action steps: Go to the mirror and give yourself a high-five and share it on Instagram and tag Amy and Mel. Sign up for the challenge and buy the book.

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