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Do you know the most common legal mistake most entrepreneurs make when starting their first online business? Well, I didn’t either, until now!

I recently got to chat with Gena Shingle Jaffe, a ultra-successful lawyer turned entrepreneur who is on a mission to educate and empower entrepreneurs to learn about the incredibly important legal side of online business.

Gena spells out in this eye opening discussion the five essential legal documents that every entrepreneur with an online business needs and where these documents should be on your website.

Familiarize and empower yourself with these essential insights here.

Gena’s inside secrets really create a clear path toward feeling really good about the law and your business. The five essential documents will help you:

  • Understand what you must have signed by every client
  • Know the difference between what contract you need for a client versus what you need from your online course members
  • Protect yourself against someone using your content incorrectly
  • Learn how to protect the content on your website
  • Create a clear plan for your privacy policy—and discover who needs to see it

Gena also breaks down the ever-elusive copyright and trademark definitions and what you need to take action on right away to make sure your business is protected.

We also share the website address for where you can check to see if you’re infringing on anyone else’s trademark—or (better yet) if the business name is up for grabs!

You may never have thought you’d feel knowledgeable on the topic of your business and the law, but believe me after learning these concepts from Gena, you will know how to avoid being caught off-guard.

Remember at the end of the day you can’t control everything that happens online. However, if you do nothing else for your business, protect yourself and your business by listening to what’s in this episode.


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Are you ready to absolutely kill it with Facebook Live? Or…do you find it a little scary to get started?

My guest this week is social media expert, Kim Garst. She and I jump right into how you can absolutely increase your profits using Facebook Live. You just have to get over that initial fear that is holding you back from going LIVE on camera.

Ahem…I do realize this is harder than it sounds for many. HOWEVER, getting in front of your audience is your golden ticket to connecting with them personally and deepening your relationship with them. And, let me tell you, this correlates to larger profit margins - much, much larger.

For Kim, leveraging LIVE video streaming increased her profits by hundreds of thousands of dollars. I want this to be you telling me that this happened for you too!

The thing with Facebook Live is that, well, it’s live. And, anything can happen. So remember to relax, be prepared, and bring your personality and everything will be fine.

Once you see the metrics from your first Facebook Live broadcast, that will be all the encouragement you need to do another and another and another…

Kim shares a huge secret about the free reach of Facebook Live and why Facebook is able to successfully increase your newsfeed presence by 10 times that of a regular post. We also discuss strategies and tips for creating incredibly successful Facebook Live broadcasts, leveraging the extensive reach.

We take a deep dive into:

  • What types of content are most useful for Facebook Live

  • Which additional social platforms complement your Facebook Live broadcast

  • Where your focus should be while you’re live

  • How professional or casual you should be

  • The ideal cadence and timing for Facebook Live sessions

  • Where you’ll find the metrics from your broadcast and how to leverage the results

  • How to edit titles, images and posts for your broadcast

  • The best strategies for communicating your upcoming Facebook Live to your lists and groups

With these tips, your skill set and confidence will increase. The more Facebook Live broadcasts you do, the better you will become. I have the utmost faith in your ability to kill it!

I love that I took the leap into Facebook Live. The organic reach of these videos blows my mind and it is positively affecting my bottom line.

Right away after the broadcast you can see the metrics.

Get in here and start learning! It truly will have a tremendous effect on your businesses.

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Are you getting the most out of your Facebook ad efforts?

As promised in episode 104, my good friend Rick Mulready is back and we are continuing the conversation about Facebook ads. This week we tackle how to make your Facebook ads work for you, how you can leverage Facebook algorithms, and a couple of online advertising fundamentals that cannot be overlooked.

Your Questions This Week:

  • If my ad is getting results, can I use the same ad for different launches?
  • Are conversions for Facebook ads lower on weekends?
  • Should I ramp up my ad Facebook ad budget in the days before my webinar?
  • Are Lookalike Audiences on Facebook be effective?
  • I’m not converting leads. What am I doing wrong?
  • Do you have any tips for writing irresistible and compelling ad copy?

The insights provided in this episode will immediately help you focus your Facebook ads and scale your audience. To get started, click here.

These questions are from entrepreneurs just like you who are in the trenches, building your audience, and are navigating the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

By the way—if you aren’t familiar with Facebook algorithms and how they work—KEEP READING (or better yet: Start listening!). Rick’s knowledge on this topic could dramatically change how you approach your campaigns.

For example, can you use the same ad for different launches? Sure. However, there are some guidelines to follow if you do this. Rick gives such an awesome answer that includes being careful about how much time has passed since you last ran the ad.

His response is a prime example of how Facebook algorithms can work for or against you. Listen in as Rick shares how to be sure to make these algorithms work for you.

I’m not converting leads. What am I doing wrong?

There’s no magic answer, which is a little stressful, I know. However, Rick provides a strategy for finding the answer that’s right for your outcome. So, you’ll find hope as he walks you through how to diagnose where your leads are going off-track.

Those are just two teaser Q&As, but listen here to hear them all.

As we near the end of our episode, Rick and I tackle how to write compelling copy for Facebook ads. Here’s what you will gain from listening in:

  • What you might be focusing on vs. what you should focus on.
  • How to write ad copy to attract your ideal audience.
  • Strategies for learning what your ideal audience member wants to hear from you.

I love the takeaways in this episode and I know you will find them extremely advantageous for your business, so let’s get listening!

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Three questions for you before we start today:

  • Do you want to grow your business? (Check!)
  • Do you want to leverage more of your day to day? (Check!)
  • Do you want to make your life--personally and professionally--easier? (Check!)

Then you need the ultimate tools for your trade. And today I am in my cave of resources to share exactly what I use to scale my business, get maximum output from my team, and streamline so many different areas o of my life.

So, what tools do I use? I’m glad you asked!

Along with these resources I also provide the pros and cons of using them and the insider hacks that I’ve come to realize along the way.

Because these tools will serve your business so well, I’ve created a free cheat sheet of all my FAVORITE tools, links to where you grab them, how they work and those awesome hacks I use to make them work even better.

These hacks will save you time, money, and headaches.


Get Amy's Battle-Tested Tools That Will Rock Your Business


No tool is going to be the end all be all for any project, but you need to find ones that work for you and stick with them.

Commit to these and your team will follow suit. I was once that person who kept switching out tools because I would “find something better.”

My team finally called me on it and I came up with these battle-tested tools that we use on a daily basis. I can’t wait for you to check them out for yourself!

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