Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield (Business)

I get these questions alllll the time...

  • Do courses work in my industry?
  • Is a digital course right for my business? Or is my teaching better suited to a membership? Or coaching?
  • Would my 1-1 service translate into a course?
  • How the heck do I move from 1-1 to a course when I’m already working 70-hour weeks?

If any of those Q’s feel familiar, this episode is a “How I Created This” style exposé on real businesses that went from not quite sure a course would fit… To regretting not creating one sooner.

I’m dropping ALL the deets on their industry and how they created a digital course that works for their business model, from 1-1 service to non-profit work to a business that didn’t even exist yet.

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In this episode, Donald Miller shares the power of writing your eulogy and reading it every day. This is a transformational practice that can help to guide our daily actions and ensure we are living a purposeful life. 

To listen to the full episode, check out Episode #415: Eulogies, Sales Funnels, & What They Won’t Tell You In Business School with Donald Miller.

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