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On this episode of the Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, I interview my new friend, Chalene Johnson.

Chalene is a world renowned multi-passionate entrepreneur that has built and sold several multimillion dollar health and fitness brands. You might recognize her name from her top selling Beach Body Workout DVD programs.

Chalene is currently the founder and CEO of a business and lifestyle coaching company called Team Johnsonwhere she has taught her personal and business development strategies to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs. In light of all of this, she has managed to become an Instagram marketing master. The way she uses Instagram to promote her numerous brands is nothing short of amazing. I'm sure you’ll agree after listening to this podcast.

In this episode, here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Why it's important to become an "Early Settler" on Instagram now before it inevitably hits critical mass with Facebook's backing.

  • How to move beyond posting the typical photos from your personal life to strategically sharing valuable content that drives leads and sales into your business.

  • Why you should set up a few "Feature Accounts"- sub niche Instagram accounts, and how to chose the theme of these accounts according to your business. You’ll learn how to manage them all with zero overwhelm.

  • How to allow your audience to feature their post on these "Feature Accounts" for greater brand exposure, while you benefit from a steady stream of content you didn't have to create.

  • How to craft interesting and helpful content related to your business in a 15 second video.

  • How to place a click-able links on Instagram that will lead people back to your bio, where you can link to a lead magnet or your website.

  • How to create 15 second video 'call to actions' to drive traffic directly to your offers.

  • Why using video on Instagram, while possibly yielding less engagement apposed to a photo, can establish you as a leading authority faster than a photo post when done right.

  • What Instagram has coming on the horizon in terms of metrics tracking and their very own advertising platform.

  • How to create cool split screen video posts that are part on camera instructional and part B-Roll demonstrations.

  • How to pull in text on screen 'call to action' captions in your mobile phone videos.

  • How to craft effective 'call to actions' to get people to share your post and where to place those CTA's to maximize every square inch of Instagram.

  • How to effectively use hashtags and tags to elevate your brand exposure.

  • How to outsource the entire content creation process.

  • Where to get a third party app that will gauge your marketing against Instagram's posting statistics letting you know exactly when you should post to reach your unique target audience.

  • And so much more!

Key Takeaways

  • Establish your roots on Instagram now before it becomes the huge business advertising platform Facebook is developing it to inevitably become.

  • Provide valuable nuggets relative to your business not just journal personal life snapshots.

  • Take advantage of every square inch of the comment section by being very descriptive about your post, including where to find related info and always give a call to action.

  • Create and honor a business theme.

  • Aim to make your Instagram account appear like a magazine spread with helpful "How to" photos and/or videos.

  • Using video will establish your brand authority and position yourself as the 'go to expert' in your niche.

  • Place a click-able link on Instagram that will lead people back to your bio, where you can link to a lead magnet or your website.

  • Change out the click-able link on all of your sub niche accounts to correspond to your current promotions to centralize the direction of your traffic.

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