Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Over the last few years, I've noticed that one of the big reasons my students struggle with list building is that they lack consistent original content in their marketing strategy.

It's an easy trap to fall into. After all, creating content takes time, effort and creativity.

You might even be thinking "Amy, all my focus is going into creating my product for sale. How am I supposed to come up with fresh original content every week?"

Well, good news--this episode is all about helping you create just one piece of amazing content each month.

You heard right. Each. Month.

When you have that one piece of amazing epic content, you can spin it out into every marketing channel in your toolbox with the overall goal of building your list.

Content Comes in Three Stages

I think there’s a lot of confusion out there around content. It seems simple, but when I sat down and started mapping what successful content looks like in different contexts, I'll admit that even I got confused!

So I checked in with a good friend from my corporate job days. She’s the best at dissecting content and explaining where it shines the brightest. And what she showed me is that there are three main stages of content:

  • Paid
  • Free lead magnet
  • Just plain free (not even for an opt-in)

Notice I said "stages." All three of these types of content are related to each other--which means every time you create one kind of content, the other two are super easy to create out of it. Click here to find out how you can use the main themes within your paid product to create epic content that builds your list!

Easy Strategies for Getting More Mileage Out of Your Epic Content

Now, like I said earlier, the "meat" of the strategy we’re diving into in this episode is getting deliberate about your content creation so you can extend it across all your marketing channels. When you really get intentional with your content (and create it with your email list in mind), you're all to get huge mileage out of one piece.

After all, we take our content creation seriously. So why not put a bigger focus on getting it in front of more people while we’re creating it?

In this episode, I'm going to walk you through three roadmaps for extending one piece of epic content into every major marketing platform you use.

To make it extremely easy for you, I've put together some free worksheets that show how to break up your content into different platforms within each roadmap. Click here to get them now!


Get Your Free Cheat Sheet: "The List Builders Blitz Campaign"


To get the most out of today's topic, you'll really want to listen to the whole episode. But I'll outline the roadmaps for you here:

Strategy 1: Start by writing an epic blog post that includes an epic upgrade (something your readers can take more action on to get more value).

From there, you'll move to emailing your list, creating videos, doing a Periscope, and more. Click here to get all the steps now!

Strategy 2: Start by creating an epic podcast episode with an upgrade.

From the podcast, you'll create a blog post. Not just show notes, but something that brings immense value even to people that may not have heard your podcast. Next you'll email your list, create a video, and more. Click here to get all the steps.

Strategy 3: Start by creating an epic video.

The first thing you'll need to know is how to provide the content upgrade in your here to find out! Next, you'll take the audio from your video to create a podcast, use the audio to create a blog post...the list goes on.

Find out the details on each of these strategies, including what constitutes an "epic" piece of content and what to put in the initial content versus what to put in the freebie, by listening to the whole episode. Click here to listen now!

The End Goal = Your Email List

Now, this whole strategy takes a little thought and effort to execute properly. That's why you won’t be using this strategy with every single piece of new content you create. Like I said, I’m suggesting you be selective with this concept and put it to work about once a month. That gives you lots of room to pace each appearance of the content within your various marketing channels (and to repost it at least once) without making it seem like overload.

Bottom line, the mindset around your campaign should always be about building your email list by getting people to your freebie. When you're creating core quality content with your email list in mind, it uplevels everywhere that content appears.

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You know how much I love battle-tested, ultra-successful online marketing strategies. The only thing I love better is sharing strategies like these with you! It makes me so happy when we get in the trenches together and master the techniques that bring us the results we crave.

But this week, we're doing something a little different.

I'm in the midst of setting up my List-Builders Lab program right now, and I have to say that I'm really feeling the effect of all the strategies I've learned (and shared with you) over the past year. Let me tell you that the confidence I feel makes a world of difference in the midst of pre-launch craziness.

And that got me thinking about how insanely important it is in your business to have your mind right!

We don't think about this too much--we're too busy looking for the right tools, the right strategies, the right technology, etc. But if your confidence is struggling even just a bit, no strategy is going to work inside your business the way it should.

That's why today's podcast episode is all about lies, lies, lies...

And, of course, the truth that we need to replace them.

As you likely already know, to win the game of becoming a successful entrepreneur, you’ve got to focus occasionally on what’s going on between your two ears.

Today's post is all about the lies that I've personally dealt with! And sometimes, in low moments, I still hear them creeping up on me.

But with the help and advice of other friends in the online business world, I know what to tell myself when those lies show up...and that's what I want to pass on to you today.

Lie #1: You have to be the best in your market.

Sometimes, when we're just starting out, we feel like we need to be number one, the best, and out on top in our market. That's not always the case. Click here for my take on the all too common lie we tell ourselves, and what the truth really looked like for me, even when it came to getting real with my signature course offering.

Lie #2: You have to find the balance between your work and your family and all that comes in between that.

You might be surprised to hear that I don't believe in balance. While working with Tony Robbins, I learned a very important lesson that I continue to reflect on during different seasons of my business growth. I encourage you to listen to the full episode to hear exactly what balance looks like in my business. I share some powerful takeaways that I've learned recently that you don't want to miss!

Lie #3: Your failures that are adding up are proof that you’re never going to make this work.

Sometimes, when things aren’t working as we’re trying to build our businesses online, we go to a really dark place, where our whole business idea looks like a disaster and we start wondering if we are going to have to go back to the 9-to-5 job. Oh, boy have I been in place where I hated where my business was headed. Listen here, and I'll tell you what I did to make things shift.

Lie #4: Every opportunity that comes your way is big, and you can’t miss out on it or you’ll be left behind.

If you know my story, you know that for the first couple of years, I really struggled, and thought I constantly had to seize every opportunity that came my way, or I might miss my big break. Whether you're a full blown entrepreneur, or still working a corporate job while you transition, there are huge lessons I learned from this mindset. I'll share a few of them here, as well as some sage advice on what might work for you if you struggle in this area.

Stopping the Lies = Knowing the Truth

I know it’s not enough to just tell you what these lies are. You need to know how to flip them around with truth! Once you have the truth, those lies can't hold you back anymore, and you can really start building momentum in your business.

Since we're all about truth-telling today, I'll be honest and say that today's episode felt a little bit uncomfortable for me at times. It's not always easy for me to talk about topics that might not feel super good. And I don’t get to say, “Click this, go here, do that,” because we’re not talking about those specific strategies.

But I think it’s important to get really honest with ourselves, in order to be sure that those strategies will work. I hope that’s what this episode did for you, and that it redirects and recharges you, so that you start finding out how to create the business you absolutely love.

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Today we're diving into a new aspect of Facebook marketing that may very well surprise you!

If you've hosted a webinar or an online course, you have probably also created a private Facebook group as a bonus for your clients. In addition to offering extra support and relationship, private Facebook groups are an amazing way to galvanize your clients into a true community. (Always a great thing when it comes to brand loyalty!)

But did you know that the community-creating power of private Facebook groups can be a hugely effective sales tool? 

My guests on the podcast today are Josh and Jill Stanton from Screw the 9 to 5, and they're going to share their secret strategy for using private Facebook groups to warm up your audience for sales.

Using Facebook groups in this way is really unique to Josh and Jill--as far as I know, nobody else out there is using this strategy to grow revenue.

That's because we usually think of Facebook groups as being an "after the fact" thing. You create the product, people buy it and then they're part of the group.

But what Josh and Jill have realized that there's a ton of sales power in making your audience "part of the group" before they ever spend a dime with you!

Re-think Your Page

Right off the bat, Jill makes a statement that could ruffle the feathers of a lot of online marketers:

"Facebook Pages are dead to me."

Once you recover from that bombshell, don't rush to the "Delete" button on your page! There's definitely a place for Facebook Pages...even Jill and Josh still use theirs.

But what Jill is saying is that the Page setup is really more of a one-way street when it comes to interacting with your audience. For example, when fans comment on your page, their words show up in a sidebar...not exactly a real conversation, is it?

Turning Your Brand into a Facebook Family

By contrast, a Facebook group lets the "family atmosphere" of your brand really flourish. When you gather the people who have genuine interest in your business into a private setting--one in which they can interact with you as another member (an extra-knowledgeable and authoritative member, of course)--you're able to build a community of affinity and trust around your brand.

A community in which you are the go-to source for what your audience wants to know/solve/accomplish.

A community that is brought together by the experience of your program, product or service.

If you're ready to find out the nuts and bolts of this ingenious Facebook marketing strategy, click here to listen to the whole episode now!

...Oh, and be sure to pay attention for a special bonus topic in my conversation with Josh and Jill: what to do when you realize that you don't really like your business model. (Yes, it's possible to change!)

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Marie Forleo has been in the online entrepreneurship game for seventeen years. She's appeared on Oprah, been interviewed by Tony Robbins, hung out with Richard Branson.

...and she still doesn’t feel like she’s ever had a “big break.”

Yes, really.

The whole "big break" thing is a myth, Marie says. And that's not because she doesn't know how it feels to wish for one! She remembers sitting in her studio apartment, staring at the computer screen, fantasizing about the "fairy business godmother" who would sweep in and discover her potential.

But the career she's built today--the best-selling books, the hugely popular MarieTV series, the constant stream of success stories from her B School training program who approach her on the street to thank her for changing their lives--didn't come from a single amazing opportunity being dropped into her lap.

"What I’ve been able to see now, in hindsight, is there is no single opportunity that anyone else can give you that is more important for your success than the small daily actions you must take every day."

Great quote, right? There's more to come. Every question I asked Marie in our interview brought some amazing sound bites--I was scrambling to write them all down! To get a taste of her wisdom in these quotes...listen to the whole episode for Marie's insights on how to overcome perfectionism and self-doubt, the main way to unite your audience into a tribe, and what daily actions you must take to achieve the success you desire!

If you want to sign up for Marie's FREE Video Series (You need to watch Video 2 - trust us!), click here to sign up!


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