Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

The books that built my business -- library card not required.

This episode is a celebration for bookworms and those who consider themselves “podcast people” alike. 

I wouldn’t say I’m a bookworm by any stretch of the imagination. (More of an audiobook and podcast girl, myself.)

But I DO know that books have played a major role in the growth of my business...not to mention my growth as an entrepreneur and, well, person. 

And to celebrate this special 400th episode of Online Marketing Made Easy, I’m sharing the top 12 books that have fundamentally shaped how I’ve grown my business, taken care of my mental well-being, and given myself a break from the everyday hustle. 

If you’ve ever wondered, “What books should I be reading as an entrepreneur?” I'm sharing why these books are at the top of my list. 

Including topics, like:

  • Business systems that free up your time to work in your genius zone (or log off early, lace up your sneakers, and hit the trails...whatever the day calls for)
  • Why fear feels so lonely
  • How one of America’s richest self-made women deals with setbacks (and A LOT of them)
  • My most recent exploration: how to achieve more by doing less *praise hands*
  • Saying no to opportunities because of the fear of being in front of people
  • A little something special for my fellow Enneagram 2’s  ;) 
  • How to know if you should keep pushing for something you believe in or keep working towards becoming your own boss or starting your own business
  • The single book that got me to a place where I was finally hitting my goals...and struggling less along the way to achieving those goals

If any of the above made you said, “Gimme that book rec, Amy!”, dive on in, my friend. 

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