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How Entrepreneurs Do The Work That Drives Them

How’s your breathing today? 

Deep and restorative? (Or did that question just prompt your first deep inhale of the day?)

And your shoulders?

High and tight OR relaxed, breezy, and unburdened by the weight of the world? 

(I bet I can guess.) 

The unfortunate reality is that “business as usual” can leave entrepreneurs anatomically all shook up.

And I hate it. 

The very reasons we leave the 9-5 grind…

...more flexibility, more control over our time, more room to be creative and do the work we love…

...becomes buried by the demands of being a 1-man or 1-woman show. 

This means the entrepreneur’s archnemesis BURNOUT lurks right around the corner.

But, not for you. Not today.

Because in this episode, we’re adding tools to your tool belt to help you nip that entrepreneurial threat in the bud. 

I’m so excited to share my fascinating conversation with the brilliant Jonathan Fields with you!

Jonathan hosts the popular podcast called The Good Life Project and serves as the founder & CEO of Spark Endeavors -- a company that helps people and organizations discover the work that truly drives them. 

But today, specifically, I’m excited to chat about a concept that Jonathan created called Sparketype. 

This innovative strategy will help you discover your unique imprint for doing work that lights you up, understand how to use your energy in different areas of your life, and better avoid burnout.

And the coolest part? This unique approach draws upon years of research and more than 25 million data points. 

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll have a clearer picture of what a Sparketype is, how you can use this information in your life to avoid uninspired work and burnout, and start experiencing more meaningful work, excitement, and joy in your life. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [06:09] Burnout is caused by our work not being a true expression of how we feel. 
  • [12:55] Burnout is different from anxiety, it's a feeling of profound depletion.
  • [15:40] A sense of discontent and not feeling like you have meaning in life can be a sign of misalignment. Our work can be a huge part or a missed opportunity of getting meaning.
  • [26:24] Through a lot of research, Jonathan was able to distill these impulses down to 10 archetypes or what he calls Sparketypes.
  • [27:56] The Primary Sparketypes are the ones that really make you feel alive. Shadow Sparketypes are your next strongest impulses. The Anti-Sparketype is work that you have to do. 
  • [51:48] Understanding your Sparketypes gives you really good insight into your decision-making process. You also start to feel seen -- it reflects back to you a deeper truth about who you are.

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