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According to Harvard Business Review, there are toxic effects of branding your workplace a “family”

Have you ever worked for a company and part of the internal culture was for team members to call each other ‘family?’

I know I have – and until very recently, I never really put a whole lot of thought into it. To be honest, I always looked at it as something positive, as if being part of the ‘family’ meant that I was valued more.

In my own business, I’m super guilty of calling my team a ‘work family’, and of course, it’s been well-intentioned.

But after reading this really insightful article in the Harvard Business Review, I’m starting to realize the negative effects this might have on someone. 

Not only can it make it more difficult for your team to set healthy boundaries, but it also can make parting ways harder, which is something I’ve experienced firsthand. 

The article brings up a lot of good points – all of which you’ll hear in this episode. Nowadays, I’m trying to figure out how I can make my company feel inclusive, foster a closeness, and set boundaries, without calling us a family.

I’ll raise my hand and be the first one to say that this is something I’m still working on, but it’s a big goal of mine in the coming year

Tune in to hear my thoughts, and what I’m doing to shift the focus from “We’re in this together” to “We’re working towards the same goal.”

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [05:26] I love the idea of my team being my work family. I love us feeling close, having each other's backs, and celebrating each other outside of work.
  • [06:23] A family never disconnects from each other. With employees, that should never be the case. 
  • [08:23] I used to send messages later than I would like. Now, I pause and schedule the message for the morning. 
  • [10:57] Calling your team a family can make it more difficult to set boundaries.
  • [13:53] Shift your mentality from a place of ‘we're all in this together’ to ‘we're all working on a similar purpose.’ 
  • [15:09] There has been a recalibration of work and many people have been quitting their jobs because they want more out of life.
  • [17:24] I want a lot of love in my company, but I also want to set boundaries so people don’t feel like they have to eat, breathe, and live in this company.
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