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Stop Stressing And Start Living

Have you ever seen a bright and up-and-coming entrepreneur featured in your dream publication...and felt that tight knot of envy form in your stomach?

Well, bid that feeling farewell, my friend.

Because in this episode, the brilliant Susie Moore is showing you how to pack the “Featured In” portion of your website with major names and publications (without paying expensive PR fees.)

Susie has landed herself in over 300 media publications including Oprah, Marie Claire, Forbes, and The Today Show. 

So, to say she knows a thing or two about getting exposure would be a massive understatement.

Susie has secured herself these features on her own behalf and in this episode, she’s revealing the strategies and techniques that landed her on Oprah (OPRAH!) for you to replicate. 

And while Susie is known for landing big PR opportunities, more than anything, she’s passionate about helping entrepreneurs find ease in the big and small things and move past discomfort when faced with big decisions, opportunities, or hold ups.

Taking risks and playing big requires discomfort and in this episode, Susie is sharing the strategies necessary to engage your mind through it all and take the stress out of the imaginary. 

So if gaining more exposure for your online business is one of your big, audacious goals for 2022 -- or you’re simply looking for a liiiitle more courage to make and tackle a few big audacious goals -- this episode is a MAJOR can’t-miss.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [05:41] Susie is obsessed with helping people become more confident in an authentic, easy way. 
  • [08:24] Overwhelm can often be a stress response to things going right. Give yourself permission to pause and understand what's happening. A slight shift in how we see things always helps. 
  • [13:52] We need to employ our mind consciously -- so much of our stress is imaginary. Quit asking what ifs and let it be easy. 
  • [22:49] A Get To Do list changes everything. Be thankful for what you have instead of being burdened by responsibilities that come with it. 
  • [31:37] Confidence is a willingness to feel uncomfortable. There has to be some type of trust there -- be willing to say yes and be willing to be rejected. 
  • [41:41] When presenting yourself to the media ask: Who's interested? What can I tell these people? Share why you can tell the information? Share why now?
  • [44:28] Susie loved cracking the code for her new book, Let It Be Easy.  The book contains real practical ways that you can apply to areas where your life may feel hard.

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