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Kick Procrastination To The Curb And Make Peace With Your To-Do List 

You know those tasks in your business that feel like a reward?

For me, it’s meeting with my leadership team or creatively strategizing for opportunities and projects we have coming down the line.

Mmm-mmm. Pack my calendar with those tasks any day!

But then there are some tasks that I see in Asana...and I would rather file taxes than tackle those during my day.

So what ends up happening?

I push those tasks off and off...and they linger and linger.  

You too? 

Well in this episode, we’re examining the things we don’t want to do in our business and why we don’t want to do them. 

While the beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have to do stuff you don’t want to do, it benefits you (and your business!) to examine WHY you avoid things or feel resistance around them. 

So in this episode, I’ll be covering:

  • How to examine whether your procrastination has to do with your insecurities.  *gulp*
  • Things you can do to help get clear on whether that feeling of dread is something that’s truly serving you (which can be the case!) or if it’s getting in the way. 
  • A simple challenge you can try out this week to assess resistance you’re feeling in your business and begin to grow the entrepreneurial muscles necessary to overcome them. 

Plus, I’ll give you examples of dread that I experience in my own business and how I overcome them without white-knuckling and wearing myself out. 

So grab your headphones, set your task list aside for the moment, and let’s tackle this together. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [02:08] Is the outcome of this task going to outweigh the feeling of uncertainty of doing it?
  • [05:20] Are you dreading something because you feel insecure or is it genuinely not your thing? 
  • [07:33] Check in with yourself after you've done the thing. Pay attention to how you feel afterwards. Pay attention to your audience. Did they love it?
  • [11:14] Change the sentence from “I have to record a podcast” to “I get to record a podcast.” Pay attention to what's coming up for you and learn where the resistance is coming from.
  • [12:37] Take the next step to notice where your dread or resistance is coming from and then ask why it's coming up for you.

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