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How Online Business Owner Joy Foster Made $1 MILLION From ONE Digital Course (And Why One Course > Than Multiple )

What if you offered just ONE product in your business? 

As an online entrepreneur, you most likely have one of two responses...

You either sighed a big sigh of relief. (I don’t have to do 40 things at once!)

Or, I just made you really nervous. (But I HAVE to do 40 things at once!)

Whatever camp you find yourself in, hear me out.

I believe with all my heart that launching one digital course multiple times is the most effective and efficient way to generate significant revenue in your business. 

And that might make you think, “But Amy, if you earn that kind of revenue from one digital course, you must be able to make EVEN MORE from MANY digital courses!

Nooooot exactly. 

In fact, I’ll prove it to you!

In this episode, I sit down with one of my DCA students and online business owner, Joy Foster.

Joy made one million dollars by selling ONE digital course.

Bananas, right?.

And here’s the best part... Joy’s story isn’t that unique. 

Joy runs a social enterprise that helps women learn tech so they can start a business or make a career change. Her business model was like many of my listeners’ -- workshops that were strictly local and in-person.

But after a while, that business model wasn’t financially viable anymore and she knew she needed to find a way to scale.

So how did Joy go from struggling to make ends meet to million dollar status -- with ONE product offer?

Joy’s breaking it ALL down in this episode, including:

  • Her first failed course launch and what exactly didn’t work
  • Why she downsized from multiple course offers to just one (and what that meant for her bottom line)
  • The simple strategy Joy used to take her conversion rate from 1.48% to 15%
  • How she resists “shiny object syndrome” and remains faithful to her one-course model
  • What Joy believes she could have done to reach success sooner 
  • And so much more!

My dear entrepreneur, YES -- You can focus on less in your business and still  achieve more.

So go for it...breathe that big ol’ sigh of relief!

Listen now to kickstart your simplified business that allows the time and freedom for you to be creative in your business.

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