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Worried they won't buy? How to choose your best-selling, gotta-have-it digital course topic. 

The first digital course I ever created was on how to launch a book using social media.

And when I finally launched my first-ever course into the was a huuuuge flop. 

I made a whopping $267 -- and I cried about it. 

In retrospect, I can tell you my fatal flaw. I chose the entirely wrong digital course topic.

Today, I’ve created and launched 8 successful digital courses that have generated over 35 million dollars in 12 years -- all because I finally chose the right digital course that my audience wanted and got them results.

And I’m here to save you from the heartache I experienced during that first launch.

Because choosing the right digital course topic is foundational to making sure that your audience will buy. 

More specifically, the promise that you make in your digital course must get them the results that will make the most impact. But more on that in a sec...

If you have zero digital course topic ideas... 

...or maybe you have a million topic ideas and couldn’t possibly choose one

...or maybe you’re totally stuck by thoughts like, “Honestly, what would I teach? I’m no expert.”

...this episode is for you. (Click for the episode and some serious course topic inspo!) 

In it, you’ll hear from six of my students, and they’ll break down digital course topics that are working in the online space in real life, how they came up with their course topic, any hiccups they encountered along the way… and so much more. 

Digital course topics like my student Braden’s. 

Braden’s an attorney and tax pro who chose to teach online entrepreneurs how to legally set up their business so they could get back to the things they’re really, really good at. 

The result? A flexible income that allows him to spend the kind of time with his loved ones.

Or Hilary Kreuger who, after years as a stay-at-home mom, created her digital course teaching communication and personal development online. 

5 figures in revenue later, she’s still a busy mom of 4...but now, she’s bringing home the bacon.

You’ll hear about topics ranging from spirituality to marketing to travel and more.

So no matter what industry you’re in, audience you serve, experience you bring to the table, or how “ready” you feel to teach a digital course, this episode is brimming with course topic inspo to get you well on your way to choosing yours.

You’ve got this!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [04:56] Adia Gooden has been a licensed clinical psychologist for ten years. She wanted to help more people and have more impact, so she created the You Are Unconditionally Worthy Course. Adia made over $26,000 on her first launch. 
  • [09:58] Braden Drake is a small business attorney who created Legally Launched. His first launch generated $8,000. He has since made more courses and revenue while being able to spend time with those he loves most.
  • [14:51] Hilary Krueger is a super mom who created a course called Talk Email to Me, and generated over $11,000 in revenue. She came up with the idea for the course when people kept telling her that they loved her emails. 
  • [18:13] Sandra McLemore created the Travel Marketing Revolution digital course, showing travel advisors how to get new clients online. This has allowed her to build a 7-figure business. 
  • [22:46] Scarlett Cochran helps professional women create streams of income to supplement their revenue and achieve financial freedom. She has generated multiple six figures with her courses.
  • [26:08] Anne Marie Pizarrio was a nurse by trade but wanted to make a change. She launched her own holistic practice, and her course about Becoming an Akashic Records Guide and generated $10,000.

Click here to listen!

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