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A 3-step process for living more, working less, and lightening your mental load with Rebecca Blackburn

We’ve all been there before…. 

Maybe you’ve got what feels like a hundred plates spinning in the air, and one of them is about to come crashing down.

Or maybe your business is going really well, but it’s taking over your entire life -- and you’re struggling to find time for what’s most important. 

Whatever the situation may be for you, feeling like you’re underwater isn’t a good place to be. If you let that feeling go unaddressed for too long, it could potentially lead to burnout and resentment towards your business -- and we definitely don’t want that!

So when you’re completely maxed out, it’s crucially important that you take a pause, assess what’s happening, and get back into alignment.

Here to help you in doing that is Rebecca Blackburn. She’s a highly sought-after life coach who helps overwhelmed female entrepreneurs restructure their lives so they can work less, live more, and still achieve success at the highest level.  

Rebecca’s going to share a simple 3-step process that will help you regain ownership of your life, and take intentional action on how it’s going to look moving forward. 

Tune in to hear: 

  • How to identify what’s most important in your life, and prioritize it
  • The bad habits you might not realize you’re doing that are only wasting your time 
  • Tips on how to lighten the ‘mental load’ that many women bear
  • How to get rid of the guilt you feel when you don’t get to everything on your to-do list

Plus much, much more! I absolutely loved this conversation with Rebecca, and it’s my hope that you take away just as much from it as I did.

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