Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

How can I be an expert if I am brand new at all of this and no one is paying attention—yet?

This is a valid, legitimate, understandable concern. My best advice: Get over that doubt as quickly as possible and get moving.

Here’s why:

We all started somewhere. All the experts you follow and admire today started at the bottom.

When I started my business 6 years ago, I was so afraid of so many different things.

A big lesson I learned along the way is that you are the expert of your content, your voice and your audience. Don’t think less than that at any moment.

In this episode I walk you through the Five Reminders that You Can Be The Expert Inside your Online Course. These reminders are drawn from what I have learned over the last six years. I share my secrets to success because I want you to break through those fears immediately.

Before I get into it, I want to tell you about this week’s freebie.

Whether you’re a coach, consultant, speaker, freelancer or service provider of ANY kind, owning your own course is a game changer that can have a dramatic effect on your income and impact.

Recently I’ve reverse-engineered the biggest lessons I’ve learned from five of my own successful online courses (that have served over 35,000 entrepreneurs while generating $6.4 million in revenue) and I’ve put all those key learnings in a brand new free master class.

My LIVE master class is called "How to Confidently Create Your First Profitable Course in 60 Days" and before it’s too late, I want you to grab your virtual seat!

Now, back to it—

The five reminders will let you know that you’re capable of embarking on this journey and more so that you are ready to take action NOW.

Listen in to learn the two areas where you might be holding yourself back when moving forward with building your online business.

Also, I give you the tips and strategies you need to assure yourself that you are the expert.

You will also learn the qualities that make a great online teacher and the surprise qualities that you think you might need, but don’t.

If you are thinking about building a course in the near future—or if you’ve ever felt like a fraud while growing your business— I think you will find these reminders incredibly valuable.

This episode is for you if you:

  • Wonder if your “newness” will impact the quality of your class
  • Want to learn more about cultivating your teaching skills
  • Are curious about just how much commitment you need to start a class (the answer may surprise you!)
  • Are nervous about the competition and how to push it away or embrace it

These reminders are a great trigger for me every time I start a new course. I hope you find them as valuable as I do.

Don’t forget to grab your virtual in my LIVE, Free Master Class, "How to Confidently Create Your First Profitable Course in 60 Days.”


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I want you to price your next (or first!) online course with confidence.

In your heart of hearts, are you getting paid what you’re worth? Are you hitting the “sweet spot” of pricing perfection?

This week I tackle these questions and give you a seven-step pricing strategy so you can determine what you should really charge for your course—and feel whole about the entire process.

I am INCREDIBLY passionate about this topic. Creating my own profitable and content-driven online courses has been the key to my success and I want to make it the key to your success too.

But first, I have something really exciting to share with you. I have a new master class ready to be unveiled: “How to Confidently Create Your First Profitable Course in 60 Days.”

In this master class, I share the secrets I’ve learned from helping 38,000 entrepreneurs, while making more than $6 million in revenue.

Grab your spot (it’s free!)

Now, back to today’s topic: In your gut, are you charging what you’re worth?

I would bet that this is the hardest part to starting your first online course—or even maybe your second or third.

Ask yourself these three questions:
  • Are you afraid to ask for what you’re worth?
  • Are you willing to deliver 10x the value of what you’re charging?
  • Does your price point attract the clientele you want?

Let’s dig into the seven steps here.

One of the first steps I share is surprisingly missed by many entrepreneurs. It is such a crucial part in determining your price and I don’t want you to skip it.

Then, we tackle how your product fits into your business. This is key for determining the most attractive price point for what you are offering. I ask you a couple of questions to help you through this step. It can be a tricky road to navigate. Listen here.

Next, we talk about the length of time it can take to launch and re-launch your product.

Ultimately, I want to help you get solid on how you feel about the price you’ve set. Once you decide on the price point, you’ve got to own it.

These seven steps will help you do just that. Own your price. Be confident. And go sell it.


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Do you know the detailed story of your perfect ideal customer?

I am not just talking demographics or a just few pain points and struggles— I mean the nitty gritty, day in the life kind of stuff.

Because my special guest, marketing and branding strategist Jasmine Star, paints such a vivid picture of her avatar, Elle, that I feel like I know her as well as my best friend.

I think once you hear about Elle and how Jasmine created her—and how you can create your own story—you will be riveted.

That is just ONE of the many brilliant pieces of insight Jasmine drops when she stops by for my latest episode.

Other amazing takeaways from my new favorite branding and marketing strategist:

  • Learn the best approach to understanding how your product can help your audience—and ultimately how that will shift your approach to social media.

  • Check out strategies for empowering your potential customers to choose you over your competitors. Your competition isn’t going anywhere, but if you can build trust with your clients and make their life easier, they will stick with you.

  • Discover the keys to writing better copy, creating better emails, and nailing your social media—all with just a few KEY tips.

I had the MOST fun creating the episode this week—because I found Jasmine so brutally honest, funny and refreshing.

Listen in (and get ready to laugh) as Jasmine explains the 5 key tips for growing your brand.

Stay tuned for later in the episode when Jasmine goes into my favorite tip! It’s obvious you want people to love you and your social media, however, you actually WANT to repel some people. It’s so important and in the best interest of your business. She breaks down how to do this with finesse and self-assurance in order to grow your tribe.

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