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Pat Flynn shares his top strategies on how to generate a significant income through affiliate marketing

Have you ever been strapped for cash in your business? If you’re like most new business owners, the answer is probably HECK YES! 

I know I’ve been in a pinch before, and one of the greatest ways you can earn some extra money -- without having to create a new product -- is through affiliate marketing

I’ll be honest, affiliate marketing has been a big part of my business strategy. Not only has it helped me get through some of those months when cash was tight, but it’s also allowed me the ability to invest money back into my business. 

And one of the people that I’ve looked to over the years when it comes to all things affiliate marketing is Pat Flynn.

He’s a bestselling author, the creator of The Smart Passive Income Blog, and the host of the highly rated Smart Passive Income Podcast -- where he shares weekly interviews, strategies, and advice for building an online business through affiliate revenue.

In a nutshell, he’s the best of the best when it comes to affiliate marketing, and in this episode, he’s going to share the affiliate marketing campaigns that have really turned the needle for him over the years. 

These are strategies that go well beyond including links in a blog post, so if you’ve dabbled with affiliate marketing and are ready to take a deeper dive, then hit the play button on this episode and get ready to start earning some extra money.

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