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A sneak peek into my List Builders Society Monthly Q&A

The number one thing that stops people in their tracks when it comes to growing their business is that they don’t have an email list

If I could shout this from the rooftops, I would – because it’s that important. 

But the thing is, trying to figure out what your audience wants, and getting to know them intimately overnight just doesn’t automatically happen -- so when it comes to growing your email list, there are usually a lot of questions.  

And that’s why I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode -- because you are getting full access to one of my List Builders Society Monthly Q&A’s, which you guessed it -- is all about list building

Let me just tell you, these questions from my students are good -- and there are probably some asked in this Q&A that haven’t even crossed your mind.

So if you want to ramp up your list-building game, then pull up a Google Doc and get ready to take some notes because this episode is chock-full of tangible strategies you can implement right now to start growing your email list, and your business. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [02:59] One of the most important assets you can create in your business is an email list. 
  • [06:52] If you're struggling with growing your list, ask: Are you meeting them where they are? Are you getting your lead magnet in front of your ICA enough?  
  • [10:44] Question: Where should I host my lead magnet videos? 
  • [11:42] Question: How many #1 welcome emails do I need? 
  • [13:04] Question: Should I hold back content to get people to subscribe? 
  • [18:32] Question: Should I do more than sending a weekly email? 
  • [20:08] Question: What’st the best free way to deliver lead magnet? 
  • [24:49] Question: Should I have more than one lead magnet? 
  • [34:53] Question: Should I start with a digital course or a membership? 
  • [41:59] Question: Can I build my email list in only a month? 
  • [45:56] Question: How specific should my ICA be? 
  • [54:10] Question: How can I re-engage my podcast audience?
  • [55:51] Question: How do I rebrand my Facebook group?
  • [57:59] Question: What are your tips for getting a better conversion rate?

Head here to grab the list-building masterclass & goodies!

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