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A pharmacist turned entrepreneur shares her journey to ditching the golden handcuffs

If you have a 9 to 5 and you’ve been thinking about leaving it to start your own business, chances are you have some fear around taking the leap -- especially if you are in a profession that compensates you well, financially or otherwise.

I can totally relate to that, because just over 13 years ago I was in a similar place. I was working full-time for Tony Robbins, in a position that so many people would have loved to have. I had a great salary, benefits, and the opportunity to travel the world. 

From the outside looking in, my job looked like a dream -- but I was tired of working long hours and time away from my loved ones, being stressed about someone else’s business, and I knew there was much more out there for me as a business owner. 

Once I made the decision to do my own thing, I quit my job and never looked back -- but in all honesty, arriving at that point wasn’t easy. 

Employers often make jobs really hard to leave, especially if you are highly paid, or work for a company that offers really great perks – like yoga classes throughout the day or heck, I’ve even heard of some offices that have a beer tap in the break room. 

These are all really great things, but what these businesses don’t offer is freedom. They’ve got you locked in golden handcuffs, and they’ve got the key.

In this interview, I talk to my student, Rachel Gainsbrugh, who built up the courage to ditch her cushy job as a pharmacist to pursue her dream of being an entrepreneur. 

And guess what? She made over $40,000 in her very first launch, and went on to 3X her pharmacist salary. Yes, you read that right. She tripled her salary after she left her pharmacist career. 

So if you’re afraid of giving up the golden handcuffs, tune in to this episode because Rachel’s story is a very inspiring one. In it, you’ll hear:

  • Rachel’s advice on how to make the leap into entrepreneurship
  • A breakdown of her first launch that generated $41,000 
  • The unique launch strategies she used that I think are sheer genius
  • The hard lessons she’s learned along the way

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [05:06] Rachel is a pharmacist who ventured into real estate. She now teaches busy medical professionals how to ditch the burnout by creating their very own luxury short-term rentals.
  • [07:11] There's stress, long hours, being on your feet, and issues with the opioid epidemic that make being a pharmacist a tough job. Rachel stepped away to have more freedom and say how she spent her time.
  • [08:42] Rachel was laid off during the pandemic. She really doubled down on her course and surpassed her annual salary. Her mantra was free in 23, but she ended up achieving this in 2022. 
  • [12:51] Rachel was on the fence about joining DCA. Other pharmacists were asking her about real estate, and she realized it could be a course. She took the free masterclass and all of her objections for signing up were answered. 
  • [14:33] The financial part was keeping her on the fence, but there was a 30-day guarantee. She ended up staying and being a part of DCA. 
  • [18:40] Rachel shares her aha moment. She asked a Facebook Group if anyone wanted to sign up for her $797.00 program. The price was right based on feedback. Ten people signed up!
  • [22:30] Her first launch was in October of 2021. She grossed $41,000. She also raised her price to $3,200. Her accountability pod and community really helped with input and encouragement through the process. 
  • [26:08] Her best ROI came from Clubhouse. She provided a lot of free value. Then she learned about email lists and lead magnets.
  • [30:16] Lessons learned was that Facebook Ads can help a lot. Have a list, because you can't depend on platforms that you don't own. She also got a virtual assistant. 
  • [32:38] Her students wanted more, so she added higher ticket one-on-one coaching. She just passed the $300,000 mark with her coaching. 
  • [36:57] Advice includes work on building that list whether it's through creating a Facebook community or Clubhouse. Find out what your community wants to learn from you and share that content.
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