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What happens when you leave your 9 to 5, pursue your passion, and create one of the most downloaded podcasts in history

If you’ve ever listened to the podcast Crime Junkie, you know just how addictive it is. The suspense, combined with the gripping yet straightforward storytelling makes it one of the most enthralling podcasts out there. I, for one, am a loyal listener, and a self-declared Crime Junkie.

But perhaps what’s most impressive about Crime Junkie is its host, Ashley Flowers, who launched the podcast in 2017 while working a super 9 to 5 job. Since its debut, Crime Junkie has remained at the top of the charts and gets 9 million downloads a month. Yes, you read that right – 9 MILLION! 

So how did Ashley do it? How did she make the decision to leave her cushy corporate job, invest in her side hustle, and take the leap into entrepreneurship? And how on God’s good Earth did she grow it so quickly?

In this episode, you’ll find out. Yes, sweet friend, Ashley is revealing her own story on how she went from a corporate job to becoming a highly successful digital entrepreneur at the helm of an entire podcast network. 

This was a really fun and informative conversation, and in it, Ashley shares:

  • How she took the leap from working a full time job to pursuing her passion 
  • A behind-the-scenes look at her work-week, and how she manages it all
  • Her best tips on how to grip listeners with a good story
  • The inspiration behind her first book, and her book-writing process

So get comfy, pop in those earbuds and get ready to hear Ashley Flowers like you’ve never heard her before.

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In this short and sweet Wisdom Wednesday, I pulled a clip from an interview I did with TikTok expert, Elise Dharma! I love this advice because she shares three easy and strategic ways to gain your first 1,000 TikTok followers. Or, if you already have some followers, these strategies are great for getting a quick boost.

She also shares how to turn those TikTok followers into customers! 

You can listen to the entire interview by heading here: Episode 315: 5 Ways To Use TikTok To Reach More Customers (No Dancing Required) with Elise Darma

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