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Organic business growth can happen even when you’re juggling home-life responsibilities.

Holy Cow, friend! Wait until you listen to this conversation with my student and 7-figure business owner, Maria Dior Duegaard Amdahl.

I wanted to invite Maria to the show because I knew her entrepreneurial journey is one that will light a fire under your you-know-what and give you the exact steps you need to take action.  

When Maria started her business she was juggling a lot -- her business plan, her family (she’s got three kiddos, a hubby, and a dog at home!), and building her online community.

As a successful health coach working 1:1 with entrepreneurs, it didn’t take Maria long to realize that she was trading time for dollars and needed to pivot to a different path. (And quickly!) 

In this episode, Maria takes us along on her journey from trading time for dollars to running a $3 million dollar business.  And as you listen to our conversation, I know you’ll see that she’s no different from you. Her success can be your success, sweet friend. 

Plus you’ll get the insiders scoop into:

  • Maria’s best strategies for accomplishing ALL of your business goals… (even when you have minimal time)
  • The tangible action items Maria uses for growing an online community organically
  • How to pick yourself back up after failing and keep moving forward 

Here’s what I love about this interview the most...

Maria gives you action items you can start implementing today and she doesn’t hold back! 

If you’re ready to build, grow, and scale your online business and still have enough time to make dinner at the end of the day, this episode is for you.

Here is your highlight guide to this episode:

  • [03:21] Maria shares her story of running a fitness studio for pregnant women and how transitioning to an online business allowed her to scale and reach $3 million in revenue.
  • [10:38] Maria created a system to be very mindful of how she spends her time -- she shares more about this in the freebie for this episode!
  • [15:53] She shares about her webinar show up rate of 58 percent with a 48 percent conversion rate and how she made this happen. 
  • [22:11] Maria's secret is being herself and allowing herself the time to take the steps she needs to take while still being human flaws and all. 
  • [27:12] Don't fall into the habit of thinking you have to learn everything before you take action, Maria shares how to do this.

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