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What if I gave you a backstage pass to my annual event, The Entrepreneur Experience?

Well, in this episode, that’s exactly what we’re going to do!

In October 2019, Rachel Hollis, Stu McLaren, Jasmine Star, and Gina Gomez joined me in San Diego, along with over 600 entrepreneurs from every walk of life, for this amazing event.

These all-star speakers brought their a-game and shared some pretty amazing entrepreneurial advice. Advice that was so good, I couldn’t just keep it to myself!

In this episode, I’m giving you a little sneak peek of what The Entrepreneur Experience 2019 was all about and the phenomenal business advice that the attendees gained while they were there.

First, you’ll hear from Rachel Hollis. She gets real (imagine that) and gives you some tough love. She talks about competition and an excuse that might be holding you back.

After that, you’ll hear from Stu McLaren. He talks all about building trust to attract your ideal customer and taking a stand for what you believe in.

My girl, Jasmine Star, is up next and she gives some practical social media advice. After all, she is the queen of social media.

She also gives her take on third party posting apps -- I know this is a question every entrepreneur has!

And then I have Gina Gomez coming in with a secret to creating happy customers and interactions.

  • [03:53] Rachel Hollis says, "Don't compare your life to someone's curated social media life. We don't have time to waste. Every second we are looking outside ourselves to find the answer, we are wasting time."
  • [08:04] Stu admits that he struggled with the guilt of making too much money but the truth is that money allows you to stand for what you believe in and make an impact!
    [12:52] Jasmine Star gives her tried and tested experience with third-party posting apps and why you should reconsider using them to organically reach your audience.
    [14:30] Gina says, "Treat everyone you work with as if they are your dream clients. Imagine how implementing this in your business would impact your experience, business, and industry."
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