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Did you hear the news? 

I’ve started taking business questions directly from my audience! People just like you. I’ve taken some of the best questions from my Online Marketing Made Easy Facebook community and answered them right here on this bonus episode. 

Now, you’re probably wondering how the heck you can be part of this amazing opportunity.

Head over to our private Facebook community to join, drop a question in the discussion and tag #askamy, and we’ll add it to our list of questions. 

I’m going to be recording these Q & A bonus episodes from time to time, and while I hope to get to as many questions as possible, I can’t promise I will get to every one. I’ll certainly do my best!

Head over to our Facebook community to get your questions on the list. 

Let’s dive into the Q & A. I have a feeling you might have some of the same questions!

  1. April MacLean asks about knowing what to say and when to her audience. 
  2. Maggie Gelin is wondering why her students would want to work with her when they can get the same information for free on the world wide web.
  3. Kylie Chapman wants to know how to create a visually cohesive brand on a budget.
  4. Jill Davidian is looking for guidance around a first hire, and if she should consider a VA, a team, or an Online Business Manager.
  5. Carole Stroud wants a behind-the-scenes peek at my podcast and wants to know if I use bullet points or a prompter.
  6. Gee Sus Emanuel Reyes is looking for a bit of advice around the best email platform to invest in (if any) as his email list grows. 

Here are some of the goodies from this episode...

  • [02:19] Believe it or not, when it comes to content, you must shift your mindset! Make sure you're leaving room for experimenting and trying new things. Enjoy the journey, chunk everything down, and take one thing at a time.
  • [08:33] You're going to have different types of Ideal Customer Avatars... and that's okay! Make sure you're creating different messaging for each ICA.
  • [13:43] Don't overthink this. It's important to have a cohesive brand, but the content is definitely the most important part. Having a brand that you feel good about does help boost your confidence. Here are my three favorite resources to use for clarifying your brand.
  • [20:18] What I've found is that clarity comes from getting into motion. Commit to creating a weekly podcast, video show, or Facebook Live. This will help you find your audience and understand how your business and your ICA will come together.
  • [24:46] The answer is both! I use a teleprompter for certain things and go off-the-cuff for other things. Listen to find out!
  • [27:52] Ready for your life to change? Okay, flip the script! Change "I'm overwhelmed" to "I'm learning." Convert Kit is the platform I suggest in order to avoid frustration and to ease the learning process.

Now, be sure to head to our Online Marketing Made Easy Facebook community to ask your #askamy questions! I can’t wait to hear them. 

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