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If you’ve sought out training to help you build your business, or tracked the success of other entrepreneurs, you have firsthand experience of the power webinars have to not only engage and excite an audience, but to convert them to into paying clients.

Maybe you’ve even been one of those people who signed up for a webinar to get a little free education, and ended up making a purchasing decision that you were genuinely excited about!

So why does the idea of putting on your own webinar have you quaking in your boots?

Let me guess...

  • You don’t mind a little grunt work, but you doubt your ability to string together all that technology.
  • You love the idea of delivering content in a highly personal way to your audience, but you hate the idea of a sales pitch at the end.
  • You’ve got a foolproof concept in mind . . .  however, you’re not sure how you’ll pull together an audience since your email list and sales funnel are still a work in progress.

Busy entrepreneurs (like you and me) don’t have a SECOND to waste on activities that aren’t directly linked to profit. If you’ve ever tried creating a webinar before, you know that sinking feeling of waiting, as the seconds tick by, for your sales to pick up speed. (Ugh! It’s the worst, isn’t it?)

In my experience, I’ve found that four major myths are to blame for a poor conversion rate.

I’m going to debunk those myths for you, and show you how to replace them with truly effective practices that will not only reward all your hard work, but have you out of your chair with excitement.

Myth #1: Webinars are just a marketing strategy (and not a whole system).

What most entrepreneurs think of as “webinars” is really just a small fraction of what they really entail.

Most view webinars as just the presentation component. In fact, the presentation constitutes no more than 15% of an entire, well-integrated webinar STRATEGY.

A truly effective webinar strategy involves 5 Key Stages (planning, pre, live, post, automated), all of which MUST be executed in perfect harmony in order for cash to change hands at the end of your presentation.

In short, a webinar isn’t a single tactic, but an entire system with many moving parts, specific timelines, and delicate levers to pull.

My webinar system is so much more than just a set of slides pulled together in a presentation deck.

Specifically, my webinar system includes strategic content designed to be precisely aligned with my paid program.  It also includes a list building component, an email marketing plan, a technology strategy, a focus on scarcity and engagement, special Q&A sessions to eliminate objections and so much more.

And when everything lines up perfectly, your business grabs hold of an effective, efficient sales machine that acts as the backbone of your business and gives you the opportunity to grow, scale and automate at will.


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Myth # 2: Webinars are a TON of effort and involve too much expensive technology.

True. Webinars AREN’T simple.

But that doesn’t mean they can’t be relatively easy when met with the right A-Z blueprint that leaves nothing to chance.

From pairing together the most affordable/reliable technology to knowing exactly how many email follow-ups to send to maximize conversions, a step-by-step blueprint can take an otherwise COMPLEX strategy and make it attainable for even the most time-starved solopreneur.

And for the business owner that possesses such a blueprint, the “complexity” of running a profitable webinar actually becomes a huge competitive advantage, giving them the unique chance to be the FIRST in their space to use webinars effectively.

Just to name a few, some of the best webinar platforms (for both live and automated webinars) include GoToWebinarGoogle HangoutsEasy WebinarWebinar JamStealth Seminar and Evergreen Business Systems. I want to engourage you to check a few out to see what might be a great fit for your webinar plans.

And on a final note, YES, executing a webinar strategy requires effort…but you’ve already proven that you’re willing to put in effort--you just need the reassurance of knowing that every bit of energy you put into your business will come back to you tenfold.

What you CAN’T afford to do is waste time and energy in perpetual “figure it out” mode.

Myth #3 - I’m fine; I learned about webinars a few years ago.

While it’s awesome that you got a head start on webinar marketing a few years back, the very same early mover advantage can EASILY become a major detriment to you and your biz if you fail to embrace the MANY factors of success that have changed over the years.

Audiences have changed…

Attention spans have changed… (Thanks, Netflix.)

Technology has changed…

Customer buying habits have changed…

Presentation practices have changed… (There were a few things you were taught to say on a call a few years ago that are now surefire ways to make your viewers hit self-eject.)

And how we go about GETTING people to show up on the call (and buy after the fact) has changed as well.

Hint: It’s not enough to just invite your audience to the webinar and hope they show up. There are very specific things you MUST do to not only make sure they show up, but show up in a highly focused and engaged state. (Click here to download my freebie and discover exactly what I do to ensure I always get a strong webinar turnout when I go live on my webinars.)

So when you add it all up, there’s very little you can bank on from the tactics of years past if you want to succeed in the shifting paradigm of webinar strategy.

Which quickly helps us dispel our next myth…

Myth #4 - It’s too late. I already missed the boat on webinars.

Sure, you missed the boat on webinars as a tactic…

…but there’s always another boat coming!

And that next boat is...wait for it...

Webinars as a COMPLETE sales funnel.

And if you’re reading this post RIGHT NOW, then you’re in a unique position to catch wind of this new strategic approach before anyone else in your niche does, and in doing so, claim your stake in the rich blue ocean ripe with sizeable and scalable profits.

So chances are that even if your competitors are already using webinars (the old way), you can gain a competitive advantage by being the FIRST to build a complete webinar funnel based on the proven frameworks, techniques, and strategies that I’m about to share with you.

Keep reading . . . now that you know the 4 webinar myths, I've created a DETAILED, free cheat sheet to help you with your first (or next!) webinar . . .

My wish for you is to sidestep the countless traps that make most webinars epic disasters, and instead learn how to create a masterpiece.

I’ve been doing webinars for over 5 years now and I’ve made MANY mistakes along the way. You don’t need to do the same! I’ve compiled a list of 5 of my biggest webinar mistakes over the years and how to avoid them before your first (or next!) webinar. Click here now to get that list!


Get the Cheat Sheet: "5 Rookie Webinar Mistakes" (And How To Avoid Them)


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