Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

  • Rick Mulready is back to give the scoop on Social Media ads—but with a TWIST! We’re taking a break from Facebook ads (but don’t worry—much more to come as always on those!) and shining the light on his Social Media sister, Instagram.
  • Now just because these two are related, don’t think one size fits all when it comes to working with these platforms. Rick and I walk through the nuances of the difference between the two (especially when it comes to imagery, videos and placement).
  • Just in case you don’t think Instagram ads are worth for your business—keep in mind that there are 800 million Instagram users right now that are up for grabs.
  • AND if that’s not enough, if you have a product or service, Instagram can be an incredibly powerful platform for you. Just take a listen to these stats that Rick throws out. [7:39]

I gotta tell you, I love Instagram and feel that it’s a great time to grab your audience’s attention. So I’m shifting gears with Rick today so we can help you capitalize on the Insta Opportunity. I want you to dive in...and help me figure out the big question: Emoji or emoticons?

A special Easter Egg for today’s episode:
It turns out you DO need 10,000 followers in order to have the swipe up feature. (And on that same note, follow Rick on Instagram @rickmulready so he can get the followers he needs!) If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out our sidebar conversation on this.[21:00]

And a few great Instagram examples (including that story ad I ran):

Check out these highlights:

  • Let’s start this off with WHO exactly is on Instagram (so you know if you should be there!). [3:20]
  • What are the best days and times to post on Instagram? [5:00]
  • Where and how to set up your ads (on Facebook and Instagram). [10:39]
  • Which ad type would be best for your business and customers—and the parameters for each. [12:03]
  • The big differences between Facebook and Instagram (Here’s a hint: you CAN’T just repurpose one for the other). [13:17]
  • With Insta, do you have the same targeting possibilities as Facebook? [19:22]
  • How to take advantage of story ads (and what happened after I ran my first one for my List Builders Lab promo). [22:10]
  • Why you need to add text and emojis to your InstaStories. [28:16]
  • How to choose the right objectives when creating your Instagram ad campaigns. [28:59]
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