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Are you getting the most out of your Facebook ad efforts?

As promised in episode 104, my good friend Rick Mulready is back and we are continuing the conversation about Facebook ads. This week we tackle how to make your Facebook ads work for you, how you can leverage Facebook algorithms, and a couple of online advertising fundamentals that cannot be overlooked.

Your Questions This Week:

  • If my ad is getting results, can I use the same ad for different launches?
  • Are conversions for Facebook ads lower on weekends?
  • Should I ramp up my ad Facebook ad budget in the days before my webinar?
  • Are Lookalike Audiences on Facebook be effective?
  • I’m not converting leads. What am I doing wrong?
  • Do you have any tips for writing irresistible and compelling ad copy?

The insights provided in this episode will immediately help you focus your Facebook ads and scale your audience. To get started, click here.

These questions are from entrepreneurs just like you who are in the trenches, building your audience, and are navigating the ins and outs of Facebook advertising.

By the way—if you aren’t familiar with Facebook algorithms and how they work—KEEP READING (or better yet: Start listening!). Rick’s knowledge on this topic could dramatically change how you approach your campaigns.

For example, can you use the same ad for different launches? Sure. However, there are some guidelines to follow if you do this. Rick gives such an awesome answer that includes being careful about how much time has passed since you last ran the ad.

His response is a prime example of how Facebook algorithms can work for or against you. Listen in as Rick shares how to be sure to make these algorithms work for you.

I’m not converting leads. What am I doing wrong?

There’s no magic answer, which is a little stressful, I know. However, Rick provides a strategy for finding the answer that’s right for your outcome. So, you’ll find hope as he walks you through how to diagnose where your leads are going off-track.

Those are just two teaser Q&As, but listen here to hear them all.

As we near the end of our episode, Rick and I tackle how to write compelling copy for Facebook ads. Here’s what you will gain from listening in:

  • What you might be focusing on vs. what you should focus on.
  • How to write ad copy to attract your ideal audience.
  • Strategies for learning what your ideal audience member wants to hear from you.

I love the takeaways in this episode and I know you will find them extremely advantageous for your business, so let’s get listening!

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