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You guys know I’m a big fan of creating urgency for your courses using deadlines. In fact, I’m kind of a stickler about.

Well, guess what? I’ve found someone equally as excited about creating urgency and setting deadlines. So, naturally, I had to invite him onto the podcast.

His name is Jack Born and he’s a pro when it comes to this topic. He’s going to tell you why you should be using deadlines for your customers… and how you can go about it the right way.

Jack is the founder of Deadline Funnel, not to mention several other software platforms, which help entrepreneurs, just like you, boost sales and automate their businesses.

There are a lot of misconceptions around deadlines within a business…

Will they help you sell more?
Will they hinder your audience from buying?

These are things you have to know as an entrepreneur with an online product, especially if you do a live launch like I do with my Digital Course Academy program.

Listen to this episode with an open mind because you’re going to be blown away by some of the tidbits and strategies Jack gives you that you can use within your business to boost those sales.

And honestly, if you’re just starting out or trying to gain some insight into how to launch your business, this episode is going to help you build the confidence around creating that urgency without feeling pushy.

Here’s a look at what we talked about...

  • [06:08] My guest today, Jack has been a student of the power of persuasion and knows urgency is a strong motivator.
  • [13:07] It’s essential that what you say in your marketing is genuine and true to promote credibility.
  • [16:51] Deadlines boost sales. Period! They also help those people who are on the fence make a decision and take action because, let's be honest, we all need a little push when it comes to big decisions.
  • [19:52] Find out Jack’s tools for creating a next-level offer that isn’t pushy.
  • [32:22] Want to know the hard truth? By not using deadlines, you are leaving money on the table and helping less potential customers. Crazy when you look at it that way, right?
  • [37:14] Oh, and my favorite part of this interview was at the very end when Jack gives tangible action items for setting up an automated launch with urgency the right way.
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