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I've been noticing a theme lately and it's the idea of less is more. I have been really busy this first quarter and am looking forward to a season where I can slow down. But to be honest, this scares my entrepreneurial brain. I associate slowing down with achieving less and making less money. In spite of this, I firmly believe in my core that I can do less and still make a huge impact and hit my big goals.

My friend Kate Northrup is someone who did just that. She slowed down and discovered that her earning didn’t decrease. She even discovered that by listening to her body and noticing her seasons, she could get more done by doing less. She even wrote the book Doing Less. The book goes into detail on how to do less, create a bigger impact, make more money, and create space to do those things that matter. This episode is incredibly actionable, incredibly valuable, and you will learn a lot about yourself that you didn't know.

  • [13:27] The 40 hour work week isn't evidence-based and it's not results-based. A 55 hour work week leads to a 33% increased risk in stroke and a 13% increase in risk of coronary disease. A 49 hour week is associated with poor mental health. There is a diminishing rate of return on hours put in.
  • [15:59] Men have a cyclical experience of energy based on their hormones every 24 hours. Women have a cyclical experience of energy based on their hormones every 28 days. Productivity and time management systems assume our lives are based on a 24-hour cycle. We both have the ability to get just as much done, but in slightly different ways. The four phases line up with the energy of the seasons.
  • [21:33] Very few people can be in a state of high concentration for more than 4 or 5 hours a day. Multiple things at the same time makes us miss things and make mistakes. Get clear on your goals. Set a timer for every hour and write down what you were doing. Then ask if they are connected to your result.
  • [34:03] How to map out which tasks should be done and when. Ask yourself how much energy you have as you plan your week and then have 5% to 10% of your activities based on your energy and then get done what you need to get done. Listen to your body and things will work in alignment. Our bodies are our source of energy and creativity.
  • [39:43] Simplify. Ask if things are in flow or in friction. Simplify wherever there is friction. Learn how to get results with the least amount of steps. Find what works for you.
  • [45:37] To do lists can be overwhelming. Make a weekly list instead of a daily list. This gives you grace and space to make things happen. Ask if it NEEDS to be done. Does it need to be done by ME? Does it need to be done NOW?

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