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When I say detox, I’m guessing your mind goes to green juice, kale, and hot yoga. 

But the kind of detoxing my guest and I talk about in this episode is very different. In fact, it’s one of the most important types of detoxing -- dream detoxing!

So what does that mean? My guest and author of The Big Stretch: 90 Days to Expand Your Dreams, Crush Your Goals, and Create Your Own Success, is going to help you understand exactly what a dream detox is and how to use it in your own life. 

Teneshia left her cushy, well-paying job to pursue her dream, and learned some mighty lessons along the way. She’s interviewed some of the top business moguls, such as Shark Tank’s Daymond John, Magic Johnson, Rent the Runway founder Jennifer Fliess and Me Too movement founder, Tarana Burke, all about what it takes to push the limits and stretch to follow your dream, fail, and create a life you love. 

Now she’s sharing what she’s discovered. 

Here’s a preview of what Teneshia and I talk about…

  1. The five types of dreamers (so you can identify which one you are).
  2. What dream detoxing is and why it’s essential. 
  3. How “feeding your spirit,” “fortifying your mind,” and “building your body” fits into success.
  4. Dream bullies… who they are and how they might be holding you back. (Hint: you have some closer to you than you think! Find out who Teneshia’s biggest dream bully was.)
  5. An exercise to help you identify where you are wasting your time and how you can create more time to commit to your dream. 

Here’s a breakdown of our conversation...

  • [05:13] Teneshia left her cushy, full-time job at IBM Mobile Services to follow her dream, passion, and purpose. She knew she was meant for more! Sound familiar?
  • [07:05] She defines "the stretch" as the expansion necessary to meet the best version of YOU. It's the distance between your comfort zone and your dreams. What would you consider your "stretch"?
  • [08:00] She has interviewed hundreds of iconic dreamers who said "yes" to stepping out of their comfort zones in order to follow their passion. It's these interviews that inspired her to create her business. 
  • [13:04] Curious to find out the types of dreams? There are five and they include careerpreneurs, make-it-happen dreamers, hobby dreamers, CEO dreamers, and activist dreamers. Which one are you? 
  • [20:50] A dream detox preps your mind, body, and spirit for cultivating your dreams. Teneshia challenges you to examine your beliefs, feed yourself only information that pushes you forward, and set your life up to support your passion and purpose!
  • [30:16] We even go over an exercise from Teneshia's book called, the "Time Audit" exercise. Essentially, you take a look at your week and find areas where you can be more efficient in order to achieve your goals and dreams! Listen to find out how to do this exercise in your life.

I’d love to hear what you learned from this interview. Head to my Online Marketing Made Easy Facebook community to share what dreamer you are.

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