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My guest on today’s episode was a corporate girl turned overwhelmed entrepreneur turned entrepreneur with a thriving online business, a lucrative digital course, and the time and freedom to prioritize her family and make an impact far beyond what she ever imagined.

Her name is Jamie Trull, her business is called “Balance CFO,” and you may remember her from episode #280 where I taught you how to do a “Course Validation Call” with her as my Ideal Customer Avatar.

When we first met Jamie, she had left her corporate job to become an entrepreneur so she could have the time and flexibility to be with her little ones.

But working one on one with clients only left her feeling overwhelmed, attached to her phone, and frustrated that she didn’t have the time and energy for her family that she had hoped to gain.

After using the practices she learned in Digital Course Academy, Jamie launched her 5-week course, Financial Fitness Formula, which helps solopreneurs take control of their business finances, and ended up making five-figures.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Amy, this sounds like me! Except for the 5-figure launch part. Teach me how to grow my online business with a successful launch!”

Well, friend, I’d be happy to! To get you started, I want you to go check out my free 3-part videos series which is all about starting and growing your email list.

You can sign up for it right here!

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