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How to deal with imposter syndrome when you’re teaching other people

Have you ever questioned whether you’re qualified enough to teach a digital course? Or worried that your students might already know all the good stuff.

As an online educator, I’ve felt this way many times -- and it’s something that I still have to consciously work on, even 14 years into my business.

The truth is, I know I don’t need to be years ahead of my audience to make an impact -- I just need what I call a 10% edge. In other words, I only need to know a little bit more than them, and be a little bit further along in my journey.

And because not too long ago, I was exactly where many of my students are today, I remember what it was like. I’m able to empathize with their struggles even better and recall experiences in more detail. 

In this episode, I’m diving into what having a 10% edge really means, and how I deal with imposter syndrome when I start to doubt myself.

You’ll hear: 

  • How to embrace your 10% edge and feel confident sharing it with the world
  • Different ways you can reframe your imposter syndrome when it shows up
  • Why it’s actually ok to struggle for answers (& how it helps in the long run)
  • Real-life stories of how I’ve overcome feeling like I don’t know enough 

This is a great listen for anyone that’s ever dealt with imposter syndrome -- so pop in those earpods and press play on this insightful episode. 

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