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The journey of entrepreneurship is a trip – full of ups, downs, and unimaginable joy

If I told you that five years from now, you’d be getting a text from one of your all-time favorite entrepreneurs, to make sure their launch didn’t clash with yours – would you laugh?

Right now, things like…

…generating seven-figure revenue

…having a 25-person team

…being friends with the entrepreneurs you admire…

May seem improbable… even impossible. But the truth is, you don’t know what’s ahead for you. Your wildest dreams probably don’t even equate to what’s actually going to unfold. 

In this episode, I offer a reminder of everything you’ve been working so hard to build - as I reflect on the highs and lows of building a wildly successful business from nothing.

I remember like yesterday how hard those early years were. And if you’d told me then that I’d have what I do now (the team, the revenue, the community, and a heart full of gratitude), I’d have laughed too.

As for what I’m most grateful for in entrepreneurship…

You’re probably experiencing it right now. And in this special episode, I hope you’ll realize that this experience is what will make you. 

And don’t forget, this episode is part of our Week of Gratitude & Giving – and you know what that means – I’m giving away a GRAND PRIZE. It includes: 

  • A one-year subscription to the Full Focus Planner
  • A 6-month membership to Social Curator 
  • A copy of my book, Two Weeks Notice 
  • All of my Two Weeks Notice pre-order bonuses
  • A one-year membership to GrowthDay 
  • The Barefoot Dreams blanket 

Listen to the very end to hear how to enter.

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