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What to do when you start to wonder “Am I really good enough?”

Have you ever wondered “Am I good enough?” when something hasn’t gone exactly according to plan in your business? 

I know I have. 

Recently, I’ve been questioning if I have what it takes to be ok TikTok. I’ve invested a ton of time and energy into the platform and I’m just not picking up steam like I had hoped when I originally committed to it. 

This isn’t the first time I’ve doubted myself when it comes to doing something in my business, and believe me, there are plenty of things I’ve attempted before that have gone completely sideways. 

And what I’ve learned through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is that sometimes things simply don’t work out. It doesn’t mean you’re a bad business owner, or you don’t have the chops to be successful, or that you should automatically give up.

No, sweet friend. You’ve got to give yourself some grace, and remind yourself that you are good enough -- period. And if you decide that it’s the best decision to throw in the towel, that’s ok too. Not everything is going to be a ‘Win.’

And that’s why I wanted to record this episode for you -- so you can hear firsthand that you’re not alone, and also what I remind myself when those low level feelings start to creep in.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [07:11] Being authentic matters, even if the platform isn't for you or the other way around. Some things don't work out, even when you pour time and energy into them.
  • [08:49] If you're committed to something and say you're going to do it for a certain amount of time, remove the option to not show up.
  • [10:21] You can quit if things are no longer serving you or bringing you joy, but don't quit if you're just fearful that it's just not going to work. 
  • [12:26] I know I'm good enough, even if my audience on TikTok isn't there yet. I'm going to stick it out, and I'm growing because of it. Remember to remind yourself that you’re good enough! 
  • [14:21] Not everything you do in your business will be a win nor does it even have to be. Being an entrepreneur means that you're not always going to hit home runs.
  • [15:58] Everything I do is to help other people realize freedom. That might not look like a hundred thousand TikTok followers and that's okay.
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