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How to go from being stressed about time to a time genius 

Have you ever felt like no matter how many hours you put into your business, you’re just not doing enough? 

You’re hustling from the beginning of your day until the very end, but despite the fact that you’re running on empty, you still feel like you’ve got to do more. 

If this sounds familiar, you sweet friend, are not alone. 

You’ve fallen into what my guest in this episode, Marie Forleo, calls the time stress trap, which is the belief that if you're not producing 24/7, you don't want your dreams bad enough.

This, my friend, is extremely toxic -- and unfortunately as business owners, we are conditioned to believe that we’ve got to be going non-stop in order to achieve any sort of success. 

I know I’ve been there before, and so has Marie -- who once became so paralyzed by her own time stress that her body started to shut down. 

In this episode, Marie tells her story of overcoming time stress, and shares specific strategies that you can use to find freedom and spaciousness in your schedule.

  • How to become a master prioritizer and better manage your time
  • Ways to stay grounded and focused during your busiest times
  • Different mantras to support you when things get really stressful

… And so much more. So if you ever feel like you’ve been on the toxic time treadmill, pause -- take a deep breath -- and listen to this episode.

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