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The simple strategy that earns this busy mom $100K per month, and counting

If you ever thought creating a thriving digital course while having young children was impossible, my guest today -- Jessica Berk – will prove you wrong. She’s a mom to two beautiful young girls, and the owner of a wildly successful online business, Awesome Little Sleepers.

What’s so impressive about Jessica is that she was able to take a pain point of hers -- having a toddler who was protesting sleep at night -- and turn it into a digital product that has helped thousands of parents all over the country get their children to sleep easily, and stay sleeping throughout the night. 

Now, here’s the kicker. Jessica made $200,000 in her first year of business, and continues to make around $100,000 per month to this day. Yes, sweet friend, you read that right -- and I’m here to tell you that it’s possible for you, too. 

In this episode, Jessica shares her story of how Awesome Little Sleepers came to be, and what she’s done to earn her incredible success, including: 

  • How she knew it was time to go from one-on-one coaching to creating a digital course
  • The strategy behind her first launch and what made it so successful
  • What she’s done to grow her email list and the one thing that’s made the most impact
  • How she’s managed to find her flow -- being a mom, running a household, and building a business -- at the same time

Jessica is truly an inspiration, and I’m so excited for you to listen to this episode!

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