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Opening up on social media can be hard, but it will pay off in the long run

Have you ever truly thought about what life was like before social media

I may be dating myself, but I remember writing notes to friends and family and dropping them in the mail, snapping pictures with Polaroid cameras, and calling a friend (whose phone number I knew by heart) when I needed some social interaction, instead of scrolling through Instagram. 

It was a totally different time -- not any better, and not any worse than it is now -- but I will say that the connection you felt from sharing your life with a few close friends as opposed to hundreds or thousands on social media was something really special. 

Life was a bit more mysterious because everything we did wasn’t available for everybody to see, let alone have an opinion about. 

I won’t lie -- I have struggled with posting about my personal life on social media, and if you take a look at my Instagram feed you’ll see that while there are some personal posts sprinkled throughout, it’s mostly business content. 

I’m pretty reserved when it comes to opening up about my marriage, my insecurities, and being a step-mom for a couple of reasons, which you’ll hear about in this episode. 

That being said, over time, I realized that in order to have the business that I dreamt of having, I needed to let my audience in – and little by little, that’s just what I did. 

So I thought it would be great to share how I’ve managed to overcome some of the anxiety I’ve had about sharing personal content on social platforms because let’s be real, it can be intimidating to do if you’re a private person -- but it’s also a necessary part of being an online entrepreneur in 2022.

In this episode, you’ll hear: 

  • The limiting beliefs that held me back from posting personal content for years
  • How I’ve managed to overcome anxiety about letting people into my personal life online
  • What it's like to have a partner who doesn’t love social media, and how we’ve found a way to make it enjoyable and comfortable for both of us

Happy listening!

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