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Your playbook on how to establish boundaries, stop people-pleasing and release control

One of my best gal pals Julie Solomon is the textbook definition of a triple threat entrepreneur. She’s the host of The Influencer Podcast, has launched several successful online programs and masterminds, and is a first-time author of the much-anticipated book, Get What You Want. 

I respect and admire Julie so much because she’s all about helping online entrepreneurs master the skillsets needed to go from having a side hustle to a profitable, sustainable business. And what I find most impressive about her is that she is all about helping women to turn their own messages into movements, and ​​empowering them to impact the world. She really is an entrepreneur after my own heart. 

In this episode, Julie shares her best tools and advice for creating a life and business that lights you up -- and as you know, this is crucially important as an entrepreneur. You’ll learn:

  • Ways to be productive without being in a ‘hustle state’
  • The 3 tools to freedom that will help you establish boundaries, stop people-pleasing, and release control
  • How to step out of your comfort zone in order to land amazing PR opportunities
  • Tips on how to communicate with clarity and confidence
  • The inspiration behind her new book, Get What You Want

Not only will you learn some hot tips on how to become the best entrepreneurial version of yourself possible, but I know that you’ll walk away loving Julie just as much as I do.

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