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If you’re overwhelmed in your business – you’re not alone, these exercises can help.

I absolutely love being an entrepreneur. I love the variety, the challenge of it, the people I get to learn from, and most importantly, the people I have the honor of teaching. I’m also incredibly grateful for the fact that I get to wake up every morning and do something that lights me up.

Being an entrepreneur is a lot at times -- and I’m sure you can relate. I won’t lie -- I’m going through a time where I feel like the weight of the world (and my business) is on my shoulders. I have a hundred plates spinning in the air, and at any given moment, one could drop.

Luckily, I have a few grounding tools and exercises in my arsenal to help redirect my overwhelm, and come back to planet Earth when I start to lose my footing. Over the years, I’ve found that these little tricks have helped me get through even the toughest of times -- and I’m sharing them in this episode. You’ll learn:

  • What I tell myself to quiet my mind when things are stressful
  • The strategy I use to pull myself out of busy business overwhelm
  • The two things I’ve incorporated into my daily routine to keep me grounded
  • Why being with yourself, and others, is the key to overcoming difficult times

So if you’re feeling the stress of doing a million different things and wearing a million different hats, tune in and take notes!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [04:34] When things get tough, I remind myself that I'm in a season and this too shall pass. It helps me rein in negative thoughts and have a much better mindset.
  • [06:05] You’ve got to be grateful for both the good and the bad. There's ebbs, and there's flows with everything in life.
  • [07:01] I have to strategically think about how to get through the tough times when things are overwhelming. One thing I do is call on friends and leaders in the industry and ask questions.
  • [08:27] I meditate for 10 minutes a day using the Calm app. I've made it a goal to be consistent on Monday through Friday. I also do breathing exercises. 
  • [12:07] When I have too many plates spinning in the air, I have to be honest with myself. I can't be afraid to ask for support from my team and delegate when I need to. It also helps having a VA.
  • [14:00] There's no shame in putting off a few items on your calendar. Time moves quickly, and it will be here like that. Give yourself room to breathe.

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