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Remember these when your thoughts get in the way of your success

There are four mantras that I keep coming back to time and time again. They are, quite literally, the words that guide my life, both at home and in my business.

How many times have you felt uncertain or anxious about something and that feeling starts to consume you? As high achievers we put SO.MUCH.PRESSURE on ourselves to succeed, that if we don’t manage our own thoughts, they have the potential to get out of control. 

Believe me, I am a serious offender when it comes to getting stuck in my own head, and that’s why whenever I find myself getting to that place, I take a deep breath and remember these four things.

These mantras have gotten me through many “firsts” — including my first course launch, my first big move across the country, and also my first book, which you’ll hear more about in this episode. 

Not only that, but they have helped me a ton when it comes to understanding -- and accepting -- that things don’t always happen on my timeline, no matter how much I want them to. 

So grab your beverage of choice and a journal or notepad, because you’re going to want to write these down so you can treat yourself to them whenever your thoughts start to get in the way of your own success. 

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