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In a world of automation, personal connection is what our clients were really craving.

I am beyond excited for you to listen to this episode because this sales strategy is going to blow your socks off. I recently used this strategy for the first time, and let me tell you, my entire team was floored at not only how many sales we got, but how much richer it made our launch.

But here’s the thing -- it’s not fancy, it’s not complicated, and considering that we are all in the world of digital marketing, it might surprise you to hear that the success of this sales strategy had everything to do with human interaction. 

Yes, my friend! Call me old school, but there is tremendous value in personal connection with other people that gets lost in this brave new world of automation. And considering we’re just now emerging from a pandemic that has drastically limited our ability to interact with others, that ‘human touch’ is needed much more now than ever.

Now, I’m not making a dig on digital, because it’s what pays my bills and it’s what allows me to help so many online business owners around the world. But let’s be real -- one-on-one interaction with another person allows us as marketers to appeal to their most basic instincts as buyers. Such as…

  1. What are their pain points? 
  2. What are their fears? 
  3. What do they not only want, but what do they need?

This is the first time in my 13 years of entrepreneurship that I’ve used this strategy, and it absolutely crushed the goals that my team and I set up front. And here’s the good news: It’s super easy to replicate, and I’m going to share how to do it step-by-step. 

In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • What a live concierge team is, and how they can help you convert customers
  • How to put together a concierge team, even if you don’t have any team members
  • The tools and technology you need to set your concierge team up for success
  • Goals and metrics you should measure 
  • What I plan to do differently after implementing this strategy for the first time

Are you ready? Let’s dive in.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [04:14] We create a concierge team that helped potential students understand whether the course was right for them or not. 
  • [06:58] Consider adding something like this to your own launch strategy. Especially if you have a program that's $500 or more. You can use this strategy even if you don't have a team.
  • [11:20] Use the tools that work best for you. We used Calendly, Zoom, and created email tags for people interested in our calls. 
  • [28:51] Set goals for your concierge team. You may want to consider tracking sales and offer a prize for milestones and high conversions. 
  • [32:57] Here are a few important lessons we learned: 1. Have your team block their time. 2. Allow flexibility with a range of times. 3. Make a schedule for your team to provide coverage throughout the day. 4. Have concierge meetings before the cart opens. 5. Create a simple URL page to promote the team.
  • [37:35] Action items: Write a list of people who love to connect and are willing to promote your program. Put together resources for them. Set goals. Have fun!

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