Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Tried and true steps to crafting an irresistible lead magnet

Have you ever poured your blood, sweat, and tears into creating a lead magnet only to have it fail miserably

If so, two things: 1) Welcome to the club, and 2) Don’t spend any more time worrying about it because you’re going to learn A LOT about how to create a highly successful lead magnet in this episode.

The truth is, creating a lead magnet that converts is both an art and a science, which means there are a million and one reasons why yours might not be hitting the mark. 

You might find that making small tweaks to your design or copy could help boost conversions, or on the flip side, you might need to rethink your entire strategy and create something brand new.

More often than not, it takes time and good old-fashioned trial and error to get it right -- and there's absolutely no harm in that. Because each version of your lead magnet, especially the ones that fall flat, will show you what’s not working so you can make changes and improve. Plus, who said this whole lead magnet thing was going to be easy anyways? ;) 

Here’s what you can expect to take away from this episode: 

  • Easy things you can tweak to increase your conversions
  • Ways to get valuable feedback from your Ideal Customer Avatar 
  • Tips on getting your lead magnet in front of a larger audience
  • When to know if it’s time to scrap your lead magnet and start over from scratch

Here’s a glance at this episode...

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