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Say these three words out loud:

Ideal work week. 

Say them again. 

Ideal work week. 

Be honest… have you ever heard three words that sound so beautiful? 

If you would have asked me to envision my ideal work week back in my corporate days, I probably would have laughed -- because I was so far off from having one. 

Even in the early days of being my own boss, let me tell you, my work weeks were far less than ideal. It’s taken A LOT of trial and error (11 years of it, in fact) to nail it down -- but the good news is, I’ve finally perfected it.

That’s right, my friend -- I have set up my work week in a way that allows me to work towards my goals AND have the free time to spend with the ones that I love. 

It’s helped me be more focused, productive, and… here’s the clincher… I don’t even work Fridays anymore (You can learn all about my 4-day work week in this episode.)

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What it means to “theme” your weekdays to maximize productivity
  • How to set boundaries based on your weekly schedule
  • Tips and tricks on  working with a Virtual Assistant to plan the week ahead
  • Simple ways to stay organized and on-task

My hope is that you’ll be able to implement some of the strategies I share so that you, too, can accomplish your goals AND live life on your terms. Sounds ideal, right? ;-)

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