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The world’s leading life coach reveals what gives high-achievers the edge

If you’re ever scrolling through your social media feeds and you see a personal development quote that strikes a chord with you (in all the right ways), it’s most likely from today’s podcast guest.

His name is Brendan Burchard, and I have a hunch that you’ve probably heard of him. ;-) 

He is a 3-time New York Times bestselling author (if you haven’t read his book High-Performance Habits, then READ.IT.NOW.), a globally respected high-performance coach, and one of the world’s most-watched, followed, and quoted personal development trainers in the world. 

You’ve heard me talk about Brendan on the podcast a ton, and it’s because he is the OG of digital content and online education. Seriously! He was an influencer before it even became cool.

And beyond that, Brendan is one of the first people that inspired me to ditch the corporate world and embrace entrepreneurship (more on our first meeting, and what he said to get me to take action, in the episode.)

We talk all-things ambition and achievement, PLUS:

  • Brendan’s surprising journey to becoming one of the most sought after high-performance coaches in the world
  • How to move on from the victim mentality after two really tough years of the pandemic
  • 6 specific habits you should commit to if you want to be successful in the long term, and how to put them in your daily practice
  • Two areas of marketing Brendan would focus on if he had to rebuild his business from scratch
  • The BEST piece of advice Brendan has ever gotten, and his most proud piece of content that resulted from that advice

After listening to this episode, you’ll 100% understand why I am such a Brendan Burchard #fangirl. 

I’m so excited for you to tune in, especially since this is one of just a few interviews that he’ll do this year.

Plus, just to make things extra fun, I’ve created a free quiz that you can take to get a curated Online Marketing Made Easy playlist that is specific to where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [10:41] What does ‘raise your ambition’ really mean? It means getting to a place of feeling fully alive mentally, physically, and spiritually, and being connected to meaningful purposes that give us a sense of impact. 
  • [15:19] What holds people back from moving on from the victim mentality is the empathy they so often get from others. Being around peers or coaches that hear you -- but keep you on track with the solution mindset -- is key. 
  • [29:20] High-Performance Habit #1: Seek Clarity. High performers, more often than underperformers, seek clarity. Doing so requires discipline in asking for help and finding out who you are. 
  • [30:41] High-Performance Habit #2: Generate Energy. High performers do things specifically to stimulate mental, emotional, and physical energy, like practicing meditation, exercising frequently, and eating well. 
  • [31:41] High-Performance Habit #3: Raise Necessity. Necessity means that you have the psychological need for success. There needs to be a clear reason for doing what you’re doing and the meaning behind it. 
  • [35:54] High-Performance Habit #4: Become More Productive. High performers are determined to continuously increase their productivity and do things like blocking time, and taking a break every 50 minutes to recharge. 
  • [41:03] High-Performance Habit #5: Develop Influence. We must have influence for people to believe in us, buy from us, cheer for us, or open doors for us. 
  • [44:42] High-Performance Habit #6: Demonstrate Courage. Courage means that you take action even when there’s risk, doubt, or uncertainty. High performers are also not afraid to speak up for themselves and others. 
  • [49:27] If Brendon had to start his business over from scratch he would first focus on content rhythm, campaign strategy, and collaboration.
  • [01:09:40] Take action: What is your biggest takeaway? Take a screenshot, tag @amyporterfield on Instagram, and share your biggest takeaway from this episode.

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