Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Simple Strategies For Driving Major Traffic To Your Biz

In this episode, PR master Jen Gottlieb, teaches you how to find dream PR opportunities for your business.

Whether you’re looking to be featured in an article, get your podcast or blog featured, or land a spot as a guest on someone else’s show, pursuing PR opportunities in your business means MORE traffic to your business. Period.

Traffic to your website… your podcast… your newsletter… and so much more. 

Jen is the co-founder of the acclaimed PR company, Super Connector Media and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, CBS, Good Morning America, Goop, and more

And today, she’s giving you a step-by-step approach for landing PR opportunities that will make you jump up and down with excitement,  including:

  • How to find the perfect opportunities that align with your goals
  • How to make an irresistible pitch they can’t say “no” to
  • How to craft a story that effortlessly grabs media attention
  • What you can do TODAY to have the tools to land a PR opportunity by next week 

This episode is for you even if you’re just starting out – even if your business is still teeny tiny. 

Because your business deserves to be seen and you’re the perfect person to speak to your area of expertise. 

Factor in Jen’s expert guidance, put it all together, and you get a media feature in the making.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [08:29] PR is important because it gives you credibility and authority. This is a huge asset for entrepreneurs or anyone who has a story they want to share. 
  • [12:07] Getting media hits boils down to your relationships, clear messaging, timely topics, and getting clear on where you want to be featured.
  • [19:55] We don't always realize the things that already exist in our life. Take inventory on relationships and mindset. 
  • [21:24] The Top 20 Tool
    • Make four columns on a piece of paper. Put your goal on top. 
    • Left column is People. List 20 people you've ever met who have some type of media connection. 
    • Influence. Rank influential on a scale of 1-10. 
    • Help. Rank how likely they would help you on a scale of 1-10. 
    • Grand total. Sum of previous three columns. 
    • Reach out and ask the top score people. Provide value to others. 
  • [32:38] Make a top-five media hit list. These are things that are already working for people doing things similar to what you are doing.
  • [37:18] When pitching, speak to the audience. They care about what's happening now, so tie your pitch with a timely topic.
  • [38:55] Creating a winning pitch
    • 1. Have a timely news hook. 
    • 2. Pitch the value-packed topic first and yourself second. 
    • 3. Back up your claims with statistics by linking to studies. 
    • 4. Add talking points. 
    • 5. Stand for what you believe in.

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