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Follow The Plan. Master The Project.

My team is incredible but I can be reasonable.

We’re not at 100% in everything in our business. 

But our project plans…?

They’re pretty dang bulletproof.

So in this episode, I’m walking you through the exact steps of how I create a project plan in my business from conceptualization to completion (and even what we do to make sure the next attempt of that project is 10x easier.)

I’ve laid this episode out like a step-by-step guide to project planning mastery so you can reduce overwhelm in your business and maybe, just maybe, become known as the business owner that smashes deadlines every time with room to spare.

I believe that for you, my friend!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [06:52] A project plan is a process to bring an idea or concept to life through planning and organization.
  • [09:43] 1. Identify the main focus of the project plan
  • [10:42] 2. Outline the project. Make categories and then break it down into each task. What tasks need to happen to complete the category?
  • [14:51] 3. Set dates. Identify the most important dates in your plan. Put all the dates in your calendar. Give each task a final due date.
  • [20:00] 4. Identify key players. If you have a team of one or more, you need to assign each task to the correct person.
  • [22:49] 5. Finalize the outline and add any details, resources, or SOPs to each task. Your project plan is almost complete. Add descriptions, additional details, and links to SOPs. 
  • [27:13] 6. Final review and check-ins. Take a moment and review your plan from top to bottom. Look at tasks, dates, assignees, and triple check everything to make sure that it's correct.
  • [29:04] 7. Make a copy.  You've done all this hard work, you might as well use it again. Create that copy before you start using it. Have a master template that you can duplicate any time you like.

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