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Why I Don’t Think You Have Imposter Syndrome 

Stop saying you have imposter syndrome.

To which you might say, “But Amy...I do have imposter syndrome. I can’t get past this notion of ‘Who am I to start a business’ or ‘Who am I to teach on my topic?’”

Boy, do I hear you. I’ve been there a thousand times. 

But I also want to challenge you on how that mindset is most likely working against you...and I’m doing just that on this episode.

In this episode, I want to talk to you about rethinking what you’ve always labeled as imposter syndrome.

I want to lean into what might actually be a strength underneath all that fretting.

And I want to challenge you in an area that you’re probably selling yourself short. 

My friend, borrow as much courage as you need from me -- and this episode -- to put imposter syndrome to bed for good in your life and step fully into what you’ve always been called to accomplish in this world.

I believe in you with my whole heart!

Here’s a glance at this episode...

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