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All the greats have a routine.

Before every match, Rafael Nadal situates his socks so they’re exactly the same height, no more than 15 cm high, and the sponsor’s logo is parallel to the ground.

John Legend eats half a rotisserie chicken before every show. (Hey, whatever works!) 

Before going onstage, Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington kisses a crucifix three times, eats three Haribo gummy bears, and takes (yep) three sips of water.

Superstition or not, athletes, artists, and leaders of all walks have found unique ways to get in the zone. Helping yourself into a place where you feel confident and ready to tackle the task in front of you? I’ll cosign that, every time!

That’s why in this episode, I’m talking about the different routines that I’ve developed over the years that help me go live on video with confidence, regardless of how I feel.

Because I’ll be honest, being on video has NEVER been in my comfort zone... it still isn’t.

But after years of practice, I’ve found a few foolproof rituals to get me in the zone and help me deliver content on video that I feel really great about (even if I didn’t feel like pressing the GO LIVE button.)

But here’s the kicker! Not all live video is created equally.
So in this episode, I’m sharing what I do before Facebook Lives, live Q&As, and my masterclasses to prepare for the unique pressures of different styles of live video.

You’ll walk away with specific examples and inspiration for your own pre-video routines so you can show up more readily for your audience, feel more confident, and hit your live-video stride much sooner.

You can leverage live video in your business, even if the idea makes you break out in hives. You owe it to your audience to share what you have for them...and after you’ve gone live a time or two, I think you’ll realize this whole live video thing isn’t as scary as we make it out to be.

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [03:38] You need an easy setup. Keep your equipment and location simple.
  • [05:58] It's a lot easier when you do your video consistently. Doing video on a regular basis can make it become just a part of how you do business. 
  • [07:22] Create your own routine! I have three routines for three different types of videos. 
  • [17:52] Here are 3 steps you can use to create confidence on video! 1. Set things up, like your location and equipment, so video is easy. 2. Identify the types of videos you are going to do and create a routine for each of them. 3. Do video more often so it's not a novelty -- I suggest at least once a week.

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