Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

From elementary school days and color-coordinated folders …

To my corporate days and making a name for myself as the girl with the checklists, the one you could depend on to know exactly what comes next…

I’ve always been a girl with a plan.

But I’ve learned, much to my dismay, that even when you have an airtight plan… things don’t always turn out the way you’d hoped.
Especially in business. Especially when that business is your business. 

So today, I want to talk about how to handle launches… promotions… or just moments in your business that don’t shake out according to plan. (From a girl who’s seen her fair share!) 
I’ll be sharing a moment from my own business that I won’t call a failure… but I definitely wouldn’t call a success.

It was a particular launch that I had sky-high hopes for (and a project plan that would make Clea and Joanna from Home Edit proud, proud, proud.)

But it still. didn’t. work. Not like I’d expected it to, at least.

I’m talking about the feelings, hindsight realizations, and, of course, the lessons learned from this (and many) failures (a.k.a unmet expectations) inside my business.

Plus, you know I have a word of encouragement and a little tough love for you, dear online entrepreneur, for those days where things don’t go exactly to plan in YOUR business.

Spoiler alert… your business isn’t defined by those moments. In fact, your business is *made* in those moments.

  • Here’s a glance at this episode...
    [0:54] I have discovered that I have an all or nothing mentality, and friend, it doesn’t serve me!
    [6:01] I want to start looking at things where I’m going to do my best and enjoy the journey, not just focusing on accomplishing things. It’s my new mission to enjoy the process, not the outcome.
    [7:39] Imagine adopting a mindset where you’re going to do the best you can, and just showing up and going through the process is just as important as the goal that you set. 
    [11:02] Not hitting your number or your goal isn’t a failure. Remember that we make our own goals, and we are in it for the long haul. We are on this journey together.

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