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What To Do When You Just Don’t Want To Work

It’s the calling card of entrepreneurship.

Total flexibility. Time freedom. The ability to make your schedule and change your schedule.

But in this episode, I want to talk about something a little less… organized.

A little less concrete and more, well, reactive.

If I’m being perfectly honest, there are times in my business that I just don’t want to work.

There, I said it! And this is coming from a girl who completely adores my business, the work I get to do, and the people I work with. 

But the best way I can explain this feeling is simply, “I just don’t want to do anything.” 

I want to unplug from everything except The Real Housewives. I want to wipe my calendar clean. And I want to curl up with Scout and watch a few TikToks.

10 years ago, this thought would trigger instant guilt or shame. “There’s so much work to be done!” 

You’re the boss, Amy! Set an example, keep your word, don’t inconvenience others.”

And so in the past, I’d ignore this feeling… pushing through and showing up to my day with a quarter of a tank.

Dear friends, as entrepreneurs, when we’re living for the weekends (or dreading Mondays) we’re doing it wrong

(And my 9-5ers, I know your situation is different. I have a word of advice in this episode for you, too!)

It’s important for you to be able to stop and not do anything. 

Because these feelings of not wanting to do anything are often screaming signs of burnout. 

Sometimes, you need to make time to not do anything. Even if it’s the middle of the week. You hear me? 

Flexibility is the beauty of being an entrepreneur and running your own business -- lean in. And if you’re wondering how, this one’s for you. 

In this episode, I’m sharing what I do now with feelings of resistance instead of freaking out and falling into a shame spiral.


  • What I do to my schedule
  • How I know what to push and what not to
  • How I find time to really slow down
  • How to not judge yourself when you finally do take that time off
  • And the pep talk you probably need to hear right now

When you’re the boss, you get to decide what it means to be the boss. And that means trusting yourself and your capability to prioritize and make space so that you can show back up as a better partner, leader, friend, and entrepreneur. 

More patient. More present. More impact. 

So go ahead, my dear entrepreneur. Click to listen and then do it… take the days off. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [08:04] When you are your own boss, and you are calling the shots. Take some time for yourself when you get to that point of burnout. You don't always have to be on.
  • [09:38] The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that you can take time to wind down or do nothing. Being your own boss is a lot of responsibility and a lot of work. There are times when you just need to slow down and recharge.
  • [10:05] Another thing that has helped me not reach burnout is my 4 day work week. We all love the extra time and feel more relaxed and focused during our work week.
  • [11:53] You have permission to take more than a weekend off. You deserve it! After all, you are the boss!

Click here to listen!

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