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Choosing to start your own business can be one of the wildest, most beautiful, and sometimes scariest decisions you’ll ever make.

But what about the people who share the kitchen that you now call an office?

Those peeking in on you at 4am before you head into the office with a hot cup of tea and a kiss on the head?

Those who listen intently, attempt to encourage and celebrate each tiny win wildly (even if they don’t totally understand what you’re talking about)

Entrepreneurship doesn’t just affect the entrepreneur -- for better or for worse. It also influences the lives of those closest to you. 

In my own marriage, I can attest to how becoming an entrepreneur has both challenged and strengthened my relationship with Hobie.

We often talk about the now and then and how our relationship has changed, how I’ve grown, and how entrepreneurship has really affected our lives.

And in this episode, I’d love to invite you into the conversation.

I’m sitting down with my favorite guest ever, Hobie, to discuss what’s changed in our marriage thanks to my business, and how you can protect, support, and grow your relationships as you build the business that frees you up to enjoy them.

We talk about...

  • Where I struggled and the number one roadblock Hobie saw me come up against in the early days 
  • What was the hardest part for Hobie as the spouse of someone starting an online business
  • Finances in our early days versus now, how we began to lean on one salary more than the other, and the challenges that came with that
  • Plus, a pep talk from Hobie to you

I hope this episode gives you the tools and encouragement to tackle the tricky parts head-on with the people you love the very most.

(Because none of it matters without them, right?)

Here’s a glance at this episode...

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