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What Should Come First: Your Email List Or Digital Course?

Remember “The Great Social Media Crash of October 2021”? 

You know...people totally freaked out and Twitter had its best day in years?

Well, it didn’t disrupt my business one bit.

In fact, that day I sent an email to a segmented group on my email list about a product that I thought would be really valuable to them.

And within a day, I made $17,000 from that one email.

I tell you all this because when you have an email list, you’re in control of your business and how you reach your audience. 

I sent one email, made 17k on a day when many, many people lost money.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to give anyone else power over my revenue like that.

Not only does email marketing produce 174% more conversions than social media, according to Campaign Monitor...

...but an email list is the only business asset proven to yield an average of $44 for every $1 spent.

A 440% ROI? I rest my case.

And with all this hard data, I still see entrepreneurs struggling to prioritize and grow their email list. 

And in this episode, I’m revealing why I find that is (and exactly how you can avoid finding yourself in a similar rut.)

So listen and prepare to plant yourself squarely back in the driver's seat of your biz and email list. 

Here’s a glance at this episode...

  • [1:28] My number one obstacle when selling Digital Course Academy is people not having an email list, or people saying they don't have an audience. 
  • [2:17] If you're not focusing on your list, all the strategies in the world won't help. You can't build your business on rented land or social media.
  • [4:06] Your email list is the number one most important asset in your business. It will convert 4 times higher than any social media post.
  • [5:03] Here’s what’s missing: Are you connecting and aligning your email list with your dreams and goals for your business? 
  • [7:14] Everything you want in your business and everything you dream of would be easier and faster if you had an engaged email list.
  • [10:21] Let your business be easy! It doesn't happen to be hard. Focus on a list that will make your business easy and align with your dreams and goals.

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