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Getting Lost Online? Start With Your Branding

Branding can seem like the online marketing equivalent of a Birkin bag...’ve heard of it, you’re not totally sure what it is, but it seems like all of the big names are into it. 

And I’m with you. Branding felt like a “nice to have” and I put it off for many years in my business. 

But Ryan Holtz, my guest for this episode, and I are determined to convince you that branding is one of the greatest gifts you can give your business and your prospective buyers.

I know, I know...bold statement. But we mean it.

And here’s why...

Your business’ brand answers the question, “What makes you different?” when you’re up against a sea of online competitors.

It establishes what you stand for as a business.

It helps your perfect customer find you and instantly know -- without a doubt -- that they belong in your world.

And when they feel like they belong in your world, they stay in your world.

Which is suuuuuper important because, according to stats from Outboard Engine, it’s 5 times more expensive to find a new customer than it is to keep an existing one.

But if you’re anything like me in the early years of my business, you might be thinking…

Is my business too new to be thinking about branding?

Branding sounds nice someday… when I have spare time and a little extra cash.

Well in this episode, Ryan Holtz, renowned speaker, expert marketer, host of a Top 100 Apple Podcast, and a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge, joins me to debunk those mental-myths and get you started in the right direction.

Ryan shows you step-by-step how to identify what your brand is, what your business stands for, and how these things can help attract like-minded customers that are totally onboard with you, your service, and your mission. 

When you know your brand, you’ll never be unsure of how to show up online again. 

When you’re confident in what your brand stands for, alignment comes naturally. 

And I want that for you with my whole heart.

So press play and let’s chat -- an online presence that you feel proud of (and in total alignment with) awaits!

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